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Twitter reacted on Spotify Down


Last night of 8th March, many people around the world witnessed an outage in Spotify. The outage took a few hours to get resolved. Since midnight is believed to be the best time to drown in music but unfortunately, thousands of people failed to log in to their Spotify accounts at that time. Around 138,000 users filled out complaints of the outage.

Spotify is the music streaming app that consists of millions of music, podcasts, radio service all in one. It has over 406 million monthly active users, including 180 million paying subscribers, as of December 2021. The company acknowledges this outage and update their users on Twitter that it’s not their phone but it’s them. The official page on Twitter tweets, “Something’s not quite right, and we’re looking into it. Thanks for your reports!”.

If you want to find comfort while the outage then do open your Twitter because it’s just filled with hilarious memes to which you all can relate. Here are some of them.

Because of the outage, users had to keep on logging in to their account but who exactly would remember their music app password? A Twitter user named @Deepz137 tweets the same, “Me trying to remember my Spotify username and password after it logged me out for no reason”.

@Aadam_12 tweets, “Me listening to my engine on my way home because Spotify is down”.

@frajer _artur says, “Apple when Spotify suddenly goes down.. 🙄”. Coincidentally, Spotify went down at the same time as Apple was having its press event where they launched new products in the market. Apple Music has its own fan base but when the Spotify outage started many people shifted to Apple Music for some time.

@strabsupremacy tweets a very harsh but true reality with a meme template. Sorry for the personal level attack.

Another user says, “I DONT pay 10$ every month of premium just for Spotify to be down😭 CMON YALL CANT JUST LEAVE ME ALONE WITH MY THOUGHTS”

Last night, both Spotify and Discord faced outages.  As @Olivia0Smith says, “Everyone going to Twitter to see if Spotify and discord are still down”.

@DevTopia_ expresses by tweeting, “Dusting off Pandora after Spotify went down”. Pandora is another music app that is quite popular among music lovers. Pandora Music could be an alternative option for people including Apple Music, Wynk Music, and many more.

“Since Spotify is down, guess it’s a good excuse to skip the gym 😭😅” @mooncat1313 tweets.

Thankfully the issue got resolved after a few hours. The official page tweets, “Everything’s looking much better now! Give @SpotifyCares a shout if you still need help”.



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