Time For Algorithmic Timeline; Twitter Releases Its New Face Today


11 February, 2016, USA: After a long discussion, elaborated debates and months of user testing, social media giant, twitter finally rolls out its new algorithmic timeline today. The new timeline ranks tweets by quality and its additional feature that based on the algorithms that power Twitter’s ‘while you were away’ feature.  This new feature will showcase the tweets based on their popularity and whether the user is in regular interaction with the person tweeting them.

The user, when log on to twitter after a while, the most popular tweets with appear at the top of his timeline in reverse-chronological order. Twitter is planning to enrol all its users to the new timeline by notifying them about the change. It will also provide users an option of switching to the old timeline if they don’t like or are not comfortable with the new one.  The change is coming to each of Twitter’s major platforms: iOS, Android, and the web.

However, as per the report, the new algorithmic timeline have received mixed reactions from the users. Some appreciated the new move by the company while others complained that the new version tends to split their conversation.

So far, the new timeline will only apply to Twitter’s apps on Android, iOS, and the web. TweetDeck and Twitter for Mac (both of which are used more often by power users), will maintain the normal timeline. At least for now.