Airbnb high prices

Twitterati are Sharing their Reactions to Ridiculously High Cleaning and Service Fees Charged by Airbnb.

Not all of us are Bruce Wayne, and not all of us have the superpower of being insanely rich. Perhaps that is why people are annoyed and worked up by the insanely high cleaning and service fees charged by Airbnb. It is a golden rule to maintain cleanliness, however, if they start charging gold rates for getting a room cleaned, then it’s time to pull a flash and run off the scene.

It is the rule of the business to make profits in every way possible and you cannot blame them for squeezing in a bit of trick and tips to add to that profit, but once they start squeezing the pockets real hard, the reaction is inevitable.

Those who were freaked by the sky-high rates charged by Airbnb are now pouring out their reactions and responses tinted with sarcasm and humor, and it has flooded Twitter. Here are snippets of the best reactions from Twitter that have been trending lately.

Whatever the matter at hand, as long as you have a good stock of humor, there’s no reason to turn back.

If you are in search of the eighth wonder of the world, here you go. People are equally amazed and stupefied by this, and that cuts the ‘wonder’ criteria.

Looks like Airbnb is taking the quote ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ a bit too seriously. Once you hear the rates, you will surely see heaven for a moment.

And then there are people whose brightest idea of a vacation is the couch and Netflix, and maybe some chips and coke. Cleaning charges do not necessarily apply, and probably with prices soaring to ridiculously high levels, all of us might have to choose this alternative. It is a bright future ahead after all!

Mathematics is a very crucial subject and looks like the folks at Airbnb are either really bad at it or really good at it. It is a very thin line, and whether good or bad, the one paying will surely hanging by a line.

There is always the dose of philosophical wisdom to explain the situation.

There is no shortage of pro-tips to cope with the prices.

Whoever thought a simple receipt with a few ridiculously high numbers could almost rip your wallets and put you with that person on the street.

Alternatives never go out of ‘trend’

Apparently, Its all in the past now