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What Are the Pros and Cons of CBD Vape Oil?

CBD vape oil, also known as CBD e-liquid, is a popular way to consume CBD. Since many people already vape nicotine, using an additional vaporizer for CBD is second nature.

Like other forms of CBD, vaping the substance in isolate form does not contain the THC that produces a “high.” This is appealing to CBD users because it offers a safe, legal way to experience the benefits of marijuana without the euphoric effects.

If you’re planning on using CBD vape oil, there are a few pros and cons to consider before trying the method.

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Pros of CBD Vape Oil

There are many associated benefits of using CBD. Though more extensive research needs to be done to learn the full effects of CBD, in vapour form and others, these are the benefits connected to CBD use.

Health benefits: CBD vape oil is most widely used for its medicinal qualities.

Commonly used for issues like stress, anxiety, and other brain disorders, CBD works directly with other natural cannabinoids in the brain as well as the chemical dopamine to produce benefits like pain relief and a relaxed state.

In addition to relieving stress and pain, vaping CBD oil can also lessen the symptoms of diseases like cancer, arthritis, and endometriosis.

Bio-Availability: Bio-availability relates to how much of a substance is absorbed into your body. Similar to smoking marijuana, vaping CBD oil takes just minutes to go into effect and a majority of the vaped substance is fully absorbed by your body.

This means that your body will be able to reap even more benefits of vaping CBD. The more your body can absorb, the more pain and stress relief you will experience.

Immediate Effects: After you vape CBD oil, the substance goes directly to your lungs and is absorbed into your bloodstream. Unlike CBD capsules or edibles that must go through the digestive system, vaping CBD oil provides a quicker alternative.

You will likely feel the relaxing effects of CBD fairly immediately after you vape CBD oil. This is appealing for people that need relief from their pain or stress immediately. For example, if someone is having an anxiety attack, vaping CBD oil can be the fastest way to combat the attack.

Convenience and Portability: Yet another perk of using CBD vape oil is the convenient nature of the product. All you need to vape CBD oil is a CBD vape pen and the juice itself.

The components of e-cigarettes or vape pens are usually quite similar from product to product. These parts include the battery, the mouthpiece, the heating element, and the oil-holding compartment.

You can even carry around your vaporizer or pen in your pocket or bag, as they are very small, discreet devices to use. Additionally, vaping is so common that it’s likely no one will ask what or why you are vaping.

Even better, cannabidiol is discreet itself, as it doesn’t produce strong smells like regular cigarettes. They create no smoke either, so you usually won’t be disturbing others by vaping CBD oil.

Cons of Vaping CBD Oil

Though there are many benefits to vaping CBD oil, health and otherwise, there are also certain disadvantages to vaping the substance. 

Because vaping in general has not been studied extensively enough to know the full effects, it’s important to keep in mind the possible impacts it could have on your body.

Below are a few drawbacks associated with vaping CBD oil.

Health Risks: When vaping CBD, you must be careful with the technique that you decide to use, as well as the amount of liquid you vape at a certain time.

The temperature that you heat the liquid is also an important factor to watch. Additionally, if you have a health condition, specifically with the lungs, you must be careful when it comes to inhaling CBD oil.

Vaping can sometimes cause coughing or nausea, especially when you over-inhale the substance in your vape. When deciding to vape CBD oil, make sure and consider your own health and the risks associated with vaping in general.

Thinning Agent Problems: An additional risk with using CBD vape oil is the presence of thinning agents in your vape.

CBD is typically very thick, which makes it too viscous for vaporizers to utilize effectively. Thus, thinning agents are used to treat the substance so it can be inhaled properly. However, these agents can sometimes be dangerous.

Two of the most common thinning agents are propylene and polyethene glycol. Though they aren’t risky by themselves, these agents can be problematic when heated up.

As you vape, the vaporizer or vape pen you are using heats the liquid in order to be vaporized efficiently. However, when propylene and polyethene glycol reach high temperatures, they can potentially break down into carcinogenic compounds.

These compounds can result in respiratory problems like asthma and allergic reactions.

However, there are ways you can prevent consuming these potentially dangerous substances. By inhaling dry herb flower vapes or buying CBD products created with vegetable glycerine, you can avoid the issues associated with common thinning agents.

You can also simply check the ingredients in your vape oil products or ask the producer of the product exactly how it is manufactured. It is also recommended to seek a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) from your retailer. This a document produced by an independent third-party laboratory that confirms the ingredients of the CBD product that you are purchasing.

Addictiveness: Though CBD vape oils are not addictive substances alone, the nature of vaping itself can be addictive. Since it is so easy to just pick up your vaporizer and vape some CBD, people can become obsessed with doing so, even if the effects are not even there.


It’s highly important to discuss vaping CBD oil with your doctor prior to trying this delivery method. It is possible that there could be other CBD options out there that may be a better fit for you, especially if you already have issues with your lungs.

Another thing you can do is conduct thorough research on the products you are purchasing and consuming. There are a lot of CBD producers out there; however, only some of them are market safe and viable products.

Knowing what you are putting into your body and weighing out the pros and cons is the most important thing to do when deciding to vape CBD oil.