Two Solar Plants in US by Hershey to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Hershey signed two PPA deals with one in North Carolina and the other in Texas. The snacks-making company has always been into renewable energy. However, this would be the first time a solar utility unit is being developed.

Image credits- Passionatinmarketing.com

The company was always into renewable energy. As mentioned on the website, their transition towards renewable energy was quite a journey. Which is from making nuts to producing the product.

Achieving 2030 goals

Hershey plans to reduce carbon emission by 50% by 2030. These two deals in the US are towards achieving their goals. Moreover, these plants will create more jobs. Furthermore, providing clean energy to nearby communities.

By achieving the company’s motto to rely on renewable energy, they will offset- carbon footprint. Though the company doesn’t have experience in the field of renewable energy, their invest meant is huge. By partnering with renewable energy BayWa and National grid renewables in Texas. So the company can work closely and shift towards sustainable energy.

Their decision to invest in solar and wind came with consultation from Edison Energy on what are the available options. Hershey is popular all over the world, and the brand has a legacy. This kind of shift towards helping farmers and other communities highlights their efforts.

The two Projects

As said earlier, the two projects are set in North Carolina and Texas. Furthermore, the North Carolina projector 20MW will be developed by BayWa. Also, it is to acquire 218 acres of land. This project is expected to reduce 32, 025 Metric tons of carbon emissions per year.

Additionally, the Texas plant is in alliance with National grid renewables for the development. Then, the capacity of this project is expected to be 275 MW AC. It is more than the double capacity of the North Carolina project. As the emissions are controlled up to 83,625 metric tons every year.

The senior director of global sustainability and social impact, Jeff King says,

“As we continue on our path towards an increased reliance on clean and renewable energy. We’re excited to partner with BayWa r.e. and National Grid Renewables to develop these solar projects in North Carolina and Texas.” 

He further added that,

“Not only will these solar projects help Hershey to reduce its impact on the environment. But they will also create jobs and help contribute to the growth of local economies. And our commitment to reducing our GHG footprint.”

Commitment towards renewable energy

The renewable energy consultant, Edison Energy has been consulting Hershey on shifting towards renewable energy. This company is known to have advised other major corporations all over the world.

They give every detail on what the options are available for the company. And the scope of renewable energy in the future. With such initiatives implemented by Hershey, a snack company, it is clear that various companies can be involved too.

The CEO of BayWa, Jam Attari says,

“We’re committed to a clean energy future, and we’re thrilled to work with forward-looking, corporate leaders like Hershey to address their ambitious climate goals.”

Also adds,

“Renewable projects like Camden both support decarbonization efforts. And have been the driver of skilled job creation in the energy economy. And transition required to meet the continuing needs of these market leaders.”