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Uber Eats collaborates with the World Food Programme

Uber Eats collaborates with the World Food Programme, to deliver food aid to people in Ukraine who are living in conflict regions. Under this partnership, Uber Eats will deliver the agency with a custom-built online platform which will facilitate the management of food aid delivery to metropolitan regions in Ukraine.

Uber said that it has been able to create a custom build version of its online platform, which will enable pinpoint delivery of foodstuffs and water supplies to people in dire conditions.

The food agency said in a statement, that the platform can enable WFP to control and coordinate every step of relief efforts from warehouses to places where people are stationed.

The live tracking facility on the platform will help the food agency to send resources employing vehicles of varied sizes. The online platform will furthermore aid organisations in determining the route, destination and delivery status of food aid. The location tracking facility will also assist the agencies affiliated with the United Nations to ensure that none of the aid transports is moving close to regions with direct conflicts.

Food is distributed to people in Kharkiv during the conflict in Ukraine.

Food is distributed to people in Kharkiv during the conflict in Ukraine.
© WFP/Paul Anthem

Aid Organisation has already commenced delivery of aid using this common platform, by supplying food to the city of Dnipro. Dnipro is a city in the east of Ukraine. Consignments to other cities such as Lviv, Vinnytsia, Kyiv and Chernivtsi are also being delivered at the moment, with all the aid movement tracked in real-time.

Chief Executive of food delivery company, Dara Khosrowshahi, said that the UN Agency can now organise and track all deliveries utilising small vehicles such as cars and vans. All deliveries within a 100-kilometre radius from WFP warehouses can be managed using the Uber Eats platform.

Uber donated $250,000 as a contribution to WFP USA in support of their activities in Ukraine since February 2022.

Since the beginning of the Russian Military special operation in Ukraine, the UN organisation has been playing a vital role, in delivering food and cash assistance to people in the crisis-torn territory. WFP’s Emergency Coordinator in Ukraine, Matthew Hollingworth said that the technology will enable the agency to respond to all the calls for need promptly and enhance its operational capability in Ukraine.

President and CEO of World Food Programme USA Barron Segar thanked Uber Eats for their contribution to the agency. He also said private collaborations like this are critical for WFP to help people in crisis regions using innovative and custom solutions.

About World Food Programme

World Food Programme is an organisation established in 1961 to alleviate hunger on the planet. This agency of the United Nations is working to achieve Zero Hunger (SDG 2) and is currently serving 11% of the world population who finds it to eat every day.



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