Uber running low on drivers in the U.S., waiting time and prices hike

Source: Uber

Uber is one of the most popular ride-sharing services in the entire world. The San Francisco-based company is known for developing, marketing and operating mobile application that allows customers to book a trip from point A to point B.

Well, a ride-sharing service would generally require three most essential assets, a car or a cab, customers and drivers to drive those customers around in the cab. Without them, the service is basically non-operational and the COVID-19 pandemic has struck that chord, really hard.

Yes, Uber in the United States is facing a significant crunch in the number of drivers because of which, the waiting time for customers has increased and also, the prices have hiked. The Coronavirus pandemic could be one to blame because it is not just with Uber, other ride-sharing services like Lyft, for instance, is facing the same issue. There is a reported shortage of drivers in the United States and for some time, till the issue gets resolved, customers would have to wait a little longer and pay a little extra for their trips.

As the situation gets better and lockdowns are easing, Uber, Lyft, several restaurants and other class of employers are struggling to staff up their business to meet the increasing demands. As mentioned in a report by Gizmodo, according to recent research conducted by popular research company, Rakuten Intelligence, ride-hailing services such as Uber’s costs were up by almost 37% in the month of March and 40% in April as compared to the same time last year, in 2020.

Dara Khosrowshahi, The Chief Executive Officer at Uber says that the company has not seen the driver supply keep up with the increasing growth in the United States.

Furthermore, considering the shortage of driver supply, Uber has recently infused over USD 250 million into the driver’s recruitment program which the company has marketed as a ‘stimulus’ to bring things back to normal, according to a report by Gizmodo.

It is true that America has to pay a little extra money for that trip and wait a little longer, a sheer inconvenience but think of it as an opportunity for the companies to serve their employees for once. It shows that people are scared of catching the virus and they prefer the health and wellness of their families and themselves, rather than going back to their low-wage jobs.

Well, as the situation goes back to normal concerning COVID-19 in the U.S., the shortage of drivers will also ease but till then, customers will have to pay a little extra and wait a little longer for their Uber ride.