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Uber slammed for price surge after shooting at Brooklyn Subway
Along with Uber, other cabs slammed for surge following disruption in New York subway lines.

Uber slammed post riders witnessed immense price surge after subway shooting.
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On Tuesday, April 12, Uber witnessed immense criticisms after numerous customers pointed out how high the prices of the rides had gone. They specified how the ride-sharing app showed prices that were significantly high after a shooting at a subway station in New York City’s Brooklyn borough. The incident caused a minimum of 10 people to be shot, along with 16 injured. Moreover, it led to significant disruptions to many subway lines in New York City. The shooting took place in the Sunset Park neighbourhood at the time of the Tuesday morning rush hour. This incident compelled residents of the city to look for alternative modes of transport to travel to work, school or their houses.

Consequently, many customers of Uber visibly pointed out on the platform of Twitter about the price surges. They specified how the increased demand for Uber rides had led to price hikes by almost ten times the normal daily rate. Various customers took to Twitter urging the ride sharing app to turn off the surges in the area. They went on to share the image of a standard Uber ride priced at $68, specifying how riders are scared. Another shamed Uber for surging prices to $85 after a ‘terrorist attack.’

The Tweets posted by customers witnessing the immense price surge:

Freddi Goldsten, spokeswoman from Uber assured that they are working as fast as possible to disable hiked pricing in the locality. She specified how they are deeply moved by the shooting, and how the company the disabling the surge pricing in the area. Uber, she said, is dedicated towards helping residents of the city, and assured that whoever paid a hiked price would get a refund soon. Uber prices are known to go up during instances like bad weather, events and rush hours. However, they work to cap the surge and help riders in case of emergencies occurring.

The shooting reportedly took place at the 36th Street subway station in the neighbourhood of Sunset Park. According to the police, the male suspect had a gas mask on when he opened a canister inside the subway, filling the car with smoke as it reached the station. Subsequently, he opened fire, shooting 10 people at least, and harming many more. The police specified that the suspect still remains at large. There have not been any reports of fatalities yet, however, five people are in a critical condition, though relatively stable.