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Udacity adds Data Engineering to its selection of Nanodegree offerings


08 March 2019, India:

Udacity has added Data Engineering to its selection of Nanodegree offerings by launching Data Engineering Nanodegree program.

The program is divided into four courses, namely Data Modeling, Cloud Data Warehouses, Data Lakes with Apache Spark and Data Pipelines with Apache Airflow.

Ishan Gupta, MD, Udacity India, said, “There has been a clear dearth of advanced data engineering courses for aspiring professionals to enroll in as there are many separate components that one must master in order to be a data engineer. At Udacity, we identify and provide the training required to create the workforce of the future who can contribute to further developing nascent technologies, based on the requirement and demand for them in the market.”

Ishan Gupta, added, “The enormous growth in the demand for data engineering skills at the global level made the Data Engineering program an obvious next addition to our Nanodegree offerings. We are confident that the program will be the perfect vehicle to launch high-flying careers in this field of incredible potential.”

Sam Nelson, Product Lead, School of Data Science, Udacity, said, “Data engineers are responsible for making data accessible to all the people who use it across an organization. Students who take this program will learn the technical skills required to become a data engineer … Companies all over the world are looking for data engineers and our goal is to help anyone who wishes to land a job in the field do so.”

(Image – Udacity)



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