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UFC signs a $175 million crypto deal for 10 years

Crypto payments and salaries have already entered NBA and now the Ultimate fighting championship. Recently we have witnessed the largest crypto sponsorship as UFC signs a $175 million crypto deal for 10 years. The deal was signed with crypto.com and will have their name on the fighting kit of the championship. Even all the fighters of the UFC will carry the name of crypto.com, which will make it really popular.

Previous crypto deals and increasing partnerships

In the past few months, the number of partnerships between crypto companies and sports events or teams has increased drastically. While some companies are partnering up with teams for their promotion, some teams are partnering up with companies to add crypto payments services. Presently, there are many notable players who have started accepting their salaries in crypto.

UFC signs a $175 million crypto deal


And now UFC’s entry into the crypto space is going to bring a lot of popularity. They have started their events for quite a while now after the pandemic and have signed many deals recently. According to the reports, the recent partnership with crypto.com is due to the fact that their fans liked it. The deal also makes it compulsory for crypto.com to work with individual UFC players.

This partnership is great.

Sports brings out a lot of emotions and created bonds with the viewers. It is one of the best places to do the promotion of one’s business. By partnering with UFC, crypto.com has opened itself up to the millions of viewers of the championship who will now be intrigued to know more about the company and crypto in general.

Considering that crypto is currently in a growth phase, it is necessary that more and more users invest in it. And that will only happen when people know about it. After UFC, we might see more sports events partner up with crypto firms so as to get money flowing and give them the kind of exposure they want.

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