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United States announces new sanctions against Russia

The United States announces new sanctions against Russia. This time the main focus is on entities that are connected to the country, with the primary one being BitRiver, a crypto mining company. BitRiver, along with the 39 other entities that fall under these sanctions, is suspected of helping Russia evade the previously levied sanctions. The list also has companies led by Konstantin Malofeyev, the Russian oligarch.

Russia faces sanctions again

The US Treasury Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, Brian Nelson, says that anyone or entity that helps Russia evade previously applied sanctions is indirectly supporting Putin’s choice of war. Therefore, they are imposing new sanctions that target even more banks and companies. BitRiver, the 3rd largest crypto mining company, is also affected so that it can’t help Russia evade sanctions with crypto.

US announces sanctions against Russia's largest banks and Putin's adult children

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Transkapitalbank and Investtradebank are two of the commercial banks in Russia that were also affected by the latest sanctions. Reason? It’s the same. They have also helped Russia by suggesting ways to evade the sanctions. What does this continuous cold war between US and Russia show? The US doesn’t care about the war; it’s a power grab. I might get some backlash here, but if you do a little research on this entire situation, you will know.

The hypocrisy of this situation

The entire war situation began when Ukraine wanted to join NATO. Russia didn’t want it to, and even officially, it wasn’t allowed to do so because of the border dispute. However, the US wanted it to happen which led to this whole war and Ukraine was stuck in the midst of it. The world is still dependent on Russia because of its huge supply of natural gas but continues to impose sanctions on the country. The UK still continues to meet its energy requirements by importing gas from the country, but no one will point that out.

I am no expert, but this war seems to be less between Russia and Ukraine and more between the West and Russia on a higher level. If you find out some videos on the topic of why the war really happened, things will get clearer.

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