Upcoming Google foldable smartphone to compete Samsung foldables
Upcoming Google foldable smartphone to compete Samsung foldables Image Credits: Ankush Viswakarma

Upcoming Google foldable smartphone to compete Samsung foldables, says reports:
Google is planning to launch its foldable by 2023 which will compete against foldable smartphone leader, Samsung in 2023.

Upcoming Google foldable smartphone to compete Samsung foldables
Upcoming Google foldable smartphone to compete Samsung foldables
Image Credits: Ankush Viswakarma

It’s been really long time since Google’s upcoming new foldable has been claimed to reportedly be in developmental works.

Adding more details to this, Google itself has tipped out about its vision towards bringing a foldable in its pixel lineup which may be called Google Pixel Fold. This report came out when Google’s patent was identified showing the design glimpse of its upcoming foldable.

There is no doubt that Google’s Pixel lineup has been doing a great job when it comes to getting the hype and also getting record-breaking sales for Google.

One of the main selling points of Google’s Pixel phones was definitely its flagship grade camera which can be easily compared with flagships from Apple and Samsung cameras too but also it’s the first phone which will be getting the latest new Android upgrade way and way before other smartphones will get.

So, to get a taste of the new Android versions way before other smartphone makers, Pixel phones can be a really good choice for you to go with.
Since the popularity of the Pixel phone is really high!

Google must have considered adding more products to its Pixel lineup just like how they added new Earbuds series called the Pixel buds series which again added to the entire Pixel product lineup also Google added a cheaper yet functional A series Pixel phones and also Pixel earbuds too.

So more of like an expansion plan, Google is planning to add its new foldable as well. Let’s now straight-up talk about what will this new foldable be featuring:

Google Pixel Fold – To compete with Samsung Foldables from 2023

Since the Google Pixel Fold is said to work! There are a lot of speculations roaming around that claim that Google will be bringing its new foldable to the users by late’s 2023 itself. Maybe we will see Google Pixel fold launching alongside with Google Pixel 8 series in the coming year.

Also, Google aims to add up a little more spice to the newer foldable market where as of now Samsung has the higher stakes when it comes to sales of its foldable as well as flippable smartphones. Let’s now get to what will Google Pixel Fold could feature:

Google Pixel Fold – Features:

Talking about the feature side, if we go with the latest leaks it’s been said that this new upcoming foldable will be coming with a smaller 5.8-inch cover screen which will be covering a resolution of up to 2K pixels.

And also, we will see this foldable getting its power from the latest new Tensor 2 chipset designed by Google which is also expected to be featured on Google Pixel 7 series. As of now, camera department features are not yet confirmed.

Is the production for Google Pixel Fold started?

The latest reports claim that Google has already started working towards the relocation of production facilities outside China due to the geopolitical tension raising between the US administration and China and also there is a lot of supply chain disruptions post-pandemic.

However, there are reports claiming that Google is considering manufacturing 50% of the flagships from Vietnam by next year.