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US government opposes Intel’s plan to grow chip output by employing a Chinese facility
More manufacturing may be able to alleviate the shortages, but at what cost?

The severe chip deficiencies are anticipated to last a little longer, as Intel’s attempt to increase manufacturing in China was supposedly baffled in the United States. The business proposed building a factory in Chengdu to enhance silicon wafer production, which might have been completed by late 2022. Intel has been looking into expanding in China while also requesting federal aid from the US to develop production and research there. According to unidentified people familiar with the discussions, according to Bloomberg, the Biden administration has strongly counseled against using the Chengdu plant. The US is debating whether or not to impose investment restrictions and may employ outbound investment screening systems to do so. China’s use of technologies and investments against national security is a source of concern for the administration. Making chips appears to be no exception in Chengdu. For the time being, Intel appears to be going along with the government’s requests. This is especially shocking given the current CHIPS Act, which is awaiting congressional blessing. It was first introduced as the Endless Frontier Act but garnered enough support in the Senate to pass the US Innovation and Competition Act in July. Whatever it’s called, this act will give$ 52 billion in support for silicon exploration and manufacture on US soil. It’s also being marketed as an approach to competing with China, with some even proposing laws to prevent corporations from receiving grants. The chip shortage is an unusual situation to be dealing with. According to one research group, there will be overproduction concerns in 2023 as a result of all the current sweats to ramp things up, which has happened previously. The current shortfall, on the other hand, is anticipated to endure until the first half of 2023, according to StMicro’s CEO, and the current scarcity is also not expected to vanish anytime soon, according to Nvidia’s CEO. However, it can be difficult to know where to start, If you are looking for new computer parts. With this list of the greatest CPU Black Friday discounts we have found so far, we are hoping to make things a little easier.



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