10 User Interview Tips That Will Help You To Improve Your Product !

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In the world of business, everything revolves around the customers. The products are designed for the customers, used by the customers and rated according to how much they are liked by the customers. If the customer doesn’t like your products or services, then all the hard work goes down in vain.

Just to stop this from happening, companies organize customer user interviews to find out what are the demands of the customers and how a product can be developed accordingly. As this trend has developed recently, companies often lack in basic skills of how to interview the customers.

Here are a few tips that you can put forth in further interviews to get the most out of the session.

1. Start with greetings!

It’s surprising how often people forget this basic conversation rule. Anytime, during any conversation, be it an interview or a general meeting with your colleagues, start with greeting the other person with a smile. Getting straight to the questionnaire not only comes off as rude but also makes the other person feel insulted. A little courtesy never hurts anybody, does it?

2. Set an agenda of the interview

The interview must contain open ended questions but should not be open ended in itself. In that case, both the interviewer and the interviewee. get nothing out of the interview and it becomes a waste of time. So take your time to prepare the questions and make sure at the end of the interview, you have a solid result.

3. Ask a lot of “whys”

If they like the product, why? If they don’t, why? Ask a lot of whys during the interview. Try to understand the reasons behind any complaint or praise behind a product. That would not only help you in developing a particular product but also make sure you know what to do in future.

Image credits www.entrepreneur.com
Image credits www.entrepreneur.com

4. Keep yourself open to opinions

If a customer, however inexperienced, gives you an opinion to change certain product features, note it down. There’s a reason behind them mentioning the changes. It may look futile during the first couple of interviews, but you will understand the importance of noting down every small detail in the end.

5. Ask about important features like price

Money is important while developing a product. After all, you are making it to earn profit, right? So ask the customers what they think about the price decided by you. Let them give you their suggestions.

6. Discuss your solutions with them

If you have come up with any solution regarding any situation, discuss it first before implying it. Ask them if they have a better solution. Discuss how you can make things better.

7. Let them talk

Never interrupt while the other person is talking. Silence is your friend. Remember you are here to know their opinion and not the other way around. Lead them on to get them talking more. Guide the conversation but don’t totally control it.

Image credits www.freestockphotos.biz
Image credits www.freestockphotos.biz

8. Misquote

Yep. You read it write. Purposely misquote slightly what the other person said. In their haste to correct you, they may give out more details than they planned to. Don’t do it too much or else they may get irritated but do it once a while. Also, repeat their answers to clarify. Again, do it in a balance.

9. Body language matters

Notice their hand movements, their way of sitting, leaning and talking. Body language gives out a lot. Keep an eye on their mannerisms and you will get a lot more out of the interview.

10. Be confident

Your confidence will make your interviewee comfortable and motivate them to talk freely.

Other than that, you just need some good luck !

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