Valley National is vying to buy SVB: Bloomberg
"On market rumours or speculation," First Citizens declined to provide further details.

According to persons having knowledge of the matter, Valley National Bancorp and First Citizens BancShares Inc. are vying to acquire Silicon Valley Bank following its failure a few weeks ago.

Before a deadline on Friday night, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. received different bids from the two financial institutions for Silicon Valley Bank, according to the sources, who preferred to remain anonymous because the deal is private.

According to the individuals, the FDIC, which seized the lender and has been attempting to market it for around 2 weeks, is predicted to select a champion in the selling process as early as this weekend.

A security guard stands outside of the entrance of the Silicon Valley Bank headquarters (REUTERS)

According to the people, no choice has been made, and the FDIC may decide to keep Silicon Valley Bank or sell it to a different buyer.

The FDIC has the choice of maintaining Silicon Valley Bank or selling it to a separate buyer; no definitive choices have been made, the insiders said.

“On market rumours or speculation,” First Citizens declined to provide further details. Requests for comment from officials of Valley National and the FDIC were not quickly fulfilled.

After dropping a strategy for raising money, Silicon Valley Bank fell apart in less than 48 hours, resulting in it being the biggest US bank to fail in more than a decade.

As rates of interest increased, the institution experienced an enormous loss on the sales of its securities, which alarmed shareholders and depositors who apparently began withdrawing their funds.

Previously, based on a post by HSBC UK CEO Ian Stuart, the institution invested over $2 billion in the United Kingdom division of the collapsed Silicon Valley Bank, which it bought earlier this month for just £1, or $99, and is ready to “deploy more cash and liquidity as needed.” Also, its staff was encouraged to guarantee that clients’ “deposits are safe and loans are supported.”

“Please continue to operate as usual … it is vital that you continue to serve your clients as you have done up to now,” the memo that was sent to SVB UK staff Tuesday and shared online said.

The memo, which was signed by Stuart and group CEO Noel Quinn, started with a “very warm welcome” and followed, “HSBC is completing this purchase as we think SVB UK has amazing people, fantastic clients, and a bright future.”

The US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has relocated all deposits from Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) to a brand-new bridge bank. As stated by the banking authority, all depositors will have the ability to access the bank and its funds as of Monday morning.

All Silicon Valley Account holders would immediately become clients of the newly formed bridge bank, which function with “normal banking hours and activities, including online banking,” according to a release from the FDIC.