You can now buy the Samsung Galaxy M53 5G for just Rs. 3999
You can now buy the Samsung Galaxy M53 5G for just Rs. 3999 Image Credits: JP Cupom

You can now buy the Samsung Galaxy M53 5G for just Rs. 3999
Samsung Galaxy M53 5G is available to buy for as low as Rs.3999, do checkout to know more:

You can now get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy M53 5G, a new premium budget phone, and guess what? This brand-new phone, which costs approximately Rs. 32999, is available for just Rs. 3999!

Additionally, you will be able to purchase the phone with the aid of enticing exchange offers and bank discounts. So, are you persuaded to purchase one of these new premium budget phones? Everything you need to know about this phone and how to take advantage of such significant discounts on it at the moment is covered here.

Samsung Galaxy M53 5G phone for just Rs.3999

Does Samsung Galaxy M53 5G come for a premium pricing of just Rs. 32999? As of now, you will be getting in hands with the phone for a premium budget of just 21 percent specifically for the 6GB RAM variant combined with 128GB of internal storage too. After the 21 percent discount, the pricing of the phone will furthermore go down to just Rs.25999, which itself brings the biggest price discount worth Rs. 7000.

Besides these discounts, the company has also announced whopping discounts on smartphone exchanges too. So, here Amazon is providing a discount worth Rs. 22,000 directly on exchanging your older device with a new device right now. And, if you happen to have a good older device from a good brand and also in good tiptop condition, then you will be able to get a maxed-out discount and you will get this new Galaxy M53 5G for really cheaper pricing.

After the discounted pricing is applied via Exchange offers and bank offers, you will be getting the pricing of this phone way down to just Rs. 3999. Also, Amazon is providing bank offers with their partnered banks so there is a chance of getting more discounts while you make the final purchase.

Samsung Galaxy M53 5G – How to buy this phone for just Rs.3999

Here are the steps for buying this Samsung Galaxy M53 5G for a discounted pricing of just Rs.3999:

STEP 1: First you need to visit the Amazon website where the offer is being availed.

STEP 2: Search for Samsung Galaxy M53 5G within the platform.

STEP 3: After visiting the product page, you can choose the color you to buy.

STEP 4: If you happen to buy this phone on an exchange then you can buy this phone on exchanging your older device by giving the model number, brand name and the condition details too.

STEP 5: Now you can buy this phone and make the final payment for this phone right now.