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VC Fund Backed by Sanctioned Oligarch Roman Abramovich Has Removed All Information From its Website
Times are getting rocky for the Russian Billionaire now

A VC fund backed by Russian billionaire Oligarch Roman Abramovich whose assets have been frozen by the UK economy has removed all their information about its operations.

Roman Abramovich’s assets have been frozen by the UK economy and has been sanctioned by them and the European Union. This is due to Russia’s invasion of their neighbours Ukraine and Mr Abramovich’s close, personal ties with Russian president, Mr. Vladimir Putin.

Impulse VC, which has two offices set up, one in Russia’s Moscow and the other in Germany. The company was set up nine years ago, and provides funding and operational assistance to multiple tech and media firms.

The website was up and running just two weeks ago. Due to Abramovich’s sanctions, it seems as if, the company could not operate and hence failed to stay afloat.

A few of Abramovich’s investments into Impulse VC are based in USA, but it is unclear as to how much he has put in although some sources to approximate it at around $6.65 million USD. As of some archived articles, they state the venture capital fund has invested between $250,000 USD and $ 5 million USD.

It also states that they are solely on the lookout with a potential valuation of at least $1 billion USD. Their investments have primarily ben for companies based out of the United Kingdom, the USA, The European Union and the Russian state.

Mr Abramovich has urged the public on multiple occasions that he has no links nor any connections to Mr. Vladimir Putin has not been sanctioned by the USA yet. A few top White House officials have mentioned that the Biden regime could target him next.

Abramovich and Putin by BBC

Recently, WSJ reported that the Ukrainian president, Mr. Zelenskyy requested Biden to not place any sanctions on Abramovich so he could try brokering a peace deal with Putin

If Abramovich gets sanctioned by the USA government too, impulse VC would get its assets, funds, and private equity frozen and disgorged which will then be seized by the Treasury of The United States of America.

Mr. Roman Abramovich is currently worth just over $12.9 billion USD and is primarily known for his ownership of UK based football club, Chelsea Football Club, the current world champions. But, now that his assets have been frozen, Chelsea are now barred from signing or purchasing players along with a multitude of other restrictions. As a result of this, Mr. Abramovich is now looking to completely exit the UK economy and for this to happen he needs to sell Chelsea FC.