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Now, Venmo won’t let strangers spy on your payment history

A while ago, reports had revealed that US President Joe Biden’s private account on payment application Venmo was rather easily accessible to anyone who’s snooping around, the service has finally planned a revamp to its platform, in a bid to increase security. News has it that Venmo won’t let strangers spy on your payment history anymore.

Say Hi to a New Navigation Bar, And Say Bye to the Old Social Feed

The change in question comes in the form of a huge removal from the global social feed that was earlier one of the highlights of Venmo’s overall layout. The same will be made available to a select group of users at firm, along with a new navigation row at the bottom of the display, which will come equipped with some of the coolest features on the platform, like credit and debit cards, and the recently-introduced cryptocurrency option.

While it remains unclear if this move is in order to somewhat reduce the risk that making payments through Venmo carried, one thing that can be said for sure is that the revamp might bring down people’s concerns about the social feed, even with the app already coming equipped with the option to make payments private by default.

With the change, users can still expect to have access to their own, as well as their friends’ feeds, simply by clicking on icons present on the bottom navigation bar. New privacy controls will also be made available, with a view to protect the company’s customer base, including buyers and sellers.

While it’s good new that Venmo won’t let strangers spy on your payment history anymore, the new features might, however, be somewhat of a letdown to some ‘mischievous’ users. That’s because they won’t be able to snoop around on the transactions made by random users. A bummer, isn’t it?

Triggered by Biden’s Issue?

Venmo won't let strangers spy on your payment history

Image Credits: Indian Tech

Back in May, Buzzfeed had reported that it managed to gets its hands on the personal account used by United States President Joe Biden, in a matter of less than 10 minutes after they started searching for it. All they had to do was put in a little effort into the search and the public friends tools. His account then opened up the way for accessing a number of other accounts, through his social connections.

What triggered the search in the first place, you ask? It came after a report by the New York Times that claimed that the POTUS had Venmo-ed money to his grandchildren.



Source: Android Police



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