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Vernacular content platform Matrubharti ropes in brands like AMUL, Waghbakri and Ramdev Masala as advertisers

The vernacular content has been as hot as hot coffee and investors are not missing a single opportunity to get a sip of a startup addressing the huge vernacular content market in India. This segment is seeing phenomenal growth in various formats like long text, short text, short videos, long videos, audiobooks and podecasts. While text is not new to India, all other formats have started showing unimaginable growth in traction. Specially the short video clip apps are seeing multifold growth post the ban of Tiktok. On the other hand audio apps are getting popular among the youngsters.

Monetization in vernacular space is a challenge, even Google and Facebook ads are not giving enough CPM to vernacular pages or apps as the CPM is at bottom low. So If Google ads and Facebook ads are not the model, what is the better way to earn from the content and community of vernacular startups? The best way out is that such startups build their own ads inventory. A huge set of brands addressing the local market are waiting to get a showcase but conventional digital spaces like Google and Facebook family apps are not focused towards that market. Majority of vernacular users on Google and Facebook skip ads without putting much effort. The vernacular content startups like Matrubharti are among few who have nailed the solution to this. Matrubharti has long text content and quality videos called Vishesh on their platform.

Matrubharti has started their own advertisement inventory, today they have popular brands like AMUL, Ramdev Masala, Wagh Bakri as their clients. They are advertising on Matrubharti various ways to promote their brand and leveraging Matrubharti’s presence in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. There are popular banner ads and video ads model offered to brands while an in-story branding model is also a very prominent way for advertisers. Here the brand becomes an integral part of the story.

Mr Pradeep Patel, Director of Ramdev Masala and Food Products said “ Ramdev Food Products and Masala is into the business of spices since 1965, since then it has been the household brand for Gujarat and other states in India, Matrubharti has helped us to take our brand to the new heights with their presence in tier 2 and 3 cities, their young reader base in regional languages is the right match for our brand promotion campaigns.”

Mr Nilesh Shah, Co Founder of Matrubharti said “ We are helping indian brands to reach to the bottom of pyramid, Matrubharti’s content consumers are based in cities where brands have challenges to reach to consumers, so we are the bridge between the brand and consumer, it has worked really well for our advertisers”

Matrubharti has over 1.2 Million monthly active users out of their total 2.4 Million registered users, 70% of them are between the age of 18-36 years, over 660K content pieces are shared on Matrubharti in text, video and audio in vernacular languages. 300 Hours of quality video content is also available under the Vishesh video section. Consumers are spending over 45 minutes per day on this platform using app and web. Matrubharti is funded by angel investors from India and the USA.

Mahendra Sharma, CEO of Matrubharti said “There is a huge market opportunity waiting for Indian vernacular content startups. While google and facebook are earning sizable amount from Indian advertisers, a major chunk of domestic advertisers would not mind to select Indian startup like Matrubharti if they are given competitive rates and desired visibility in their targeted geographies“

India would continue to consume a huge set of content for free but there is an appetite to pay for premium content, the increasing subscribers of OTT players, News portals and various other digital products are showing the clear indication that the customer is ready to pay. It is only a matter of time that startups think business before growth and make money from their customers.

The story is very clear and loud, India is going to see it’s own internet content space with content created and published by Indians and consumed by Indians.

About Matrubharti

Matrubharti is an Indian content community platform helping writers publish their content and to reach out to their target readers. The content is in the form of stories and episodic novels that are written in vernacular languages like Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi.

Matrubharti has also launched its OTT video streaming platform called Matrubharti Vishesh which curates videos of Theatrical Plays, Short films, Web series, Elite Author speeches, Stand-up comedy, Poetry Shows and a host of User Generated Content.

For more information, visit: https://www.matrubharti.com/

Experience Matrubharti by Downloading the App from Google Play Store for Android or Apple Store for iOS devices



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