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Versogen’s Solution – Electrolyser As A Cheaper Solution
The breakthrough is going to change the U.S into a sustainable country

Versogen, known to everyone as W7energy has a breakthrough in its innovative technology.

Electrolyser is similar to being a catalyst that breaks the combined components. For example, breaking hydrogen from the H2O. A similar method is applied here to bring more green carbon replacing the toxic polluted carbonate gases.

Existing costlier method

Already existing, Proton exchange membrane pure hydrogen through electrolysis. Explaining the already existing method is easier. However, the process requires typical conditions under which the hydrogen gets separated from green hydrogen.

The main challenge about this process is that it isn’t economical, and the technology is required on a large scale. Furthermore, most industries have operations involving carbon emissions. These cannot be avoided as utilities for human survival are of much importance. By 2050, it is expected that carbon emission would have already done a lot of damage to both humans and the environment.

Electrolyser Technology

The idea and reason for innovations in Versogen’s technology are to produce green carbon. These carbons when used do not release emissions and are safe to use in large scare for industries. Every manufacturing sector from oil refineries to food manufacturers, they have toxic carbon emissions.

As mentioned on Versogen’s official website, we need to reduce carbon emissions by at least 7.6 per year. To have a safer place after fifty years from now, starting to make a change right now can bring a change.

Additionally, the power to electrolyzer comes from sustainable sources. The more sustainable the process is, the better it is for Versogen to provide quality solutions. Their technology is promising enough to de-carbonize tough industrial emissions.

What COO has to say..

Santiago Rojas-Carbonell has been working on fuel cells for more than 8 years now. He has been working with Versogen since 2019 as a chief operating officer. He said, “The path to a sustainable energy future depends on affordable green hydrogen.”

Carbonell also added, “Our electrolyser has the potential to transform the energy sector and play an important role in the global energy transition toward net-zero emissions.”

Versogen’s collaboration with Shell and also NREL is a huge step towards making America green.

The CEO of Versogen, Yushan Yan mentions how much they appreciate the support from two large corporations. The GCxN’s support to Versogen is of high importance. They provide the resources which are crucial for the development of green carbon solutions. He also says that Versogen is going to be global. The combination of both sustainability and Green carbon innovation is futuristic benefiting everyone on earth.

The neglected science

The technology in electrolyzer has a previously unpredicted scope. Pollution levels in cities all around the world have come to attention for a decade. Reliable scientific options are futuristic, like the one made by Versogen.



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