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VideoProc Vlogger: The best video editing software in 2021

Images in motion with sound effects and aesthetics is the new way of telling stories and if you are one of those creators and storytellers, you must need a powerful video editing software to bring justice to your creativity in motion. Ever marveled at the perfect timing of shots as they slow down with music and then speed up to give that cool cinematic effect? Well, I have and this video editing technique is called ‘Speed Ramping’. Changing the speed of your shots to create a unique effect looks really cool in the final video and if you are still learning or pursuing video editing as a hobby, you should definitely check out speed ramping to take your videos to the next level. This is just one of the various techniques that bring out the X factor in your videos.

It doesn’t matter if you shoot videos on your iPhone or professional camera, you need a video editing software to bring out the aesthetics in your videos, something that is powerful yet easy to use and I know just the best video editing software in 2021- VideoProc Vlogger.

What is VideoProc Vlogger?

VideoProc Vlogger is a free video editing software that is powerful and super simple to use. It is an intuitive and capable vlogging software for all creators, be it beginners, professional videographers, vloggers, or just hobbyists. This video editing tool is for everyone to use because of its full-featured pack that helps you create impressive edits on your videos for everyday creativity, daily vlogging, Instagram Reels, or just for fun.

Video editing tools that cater to the professional level software include motion tracking, advanced color grading, multitrack editing, speed ramping, and much more. All of these and other editing tools have taken a leap as non-professional video editors or maybe, just enthusiasts have begun editing videos all the time, especially vloggers.

VideoProc Vlogger is a powerful video editing software with creative features and highlight features that are easy to use and powerful enough to elevate the standard of your videos up to 10x.

VideoProc Vlogger: Features

There is a difference between a normal consumer-level video editing software and a professional application. For features like advanced color grading, motion tracking, and speed ramping, pro-level software requires you to download separate apps to master each feature for say, motion graphics, and color grading but in a consumer-level product i.e., for vloggers and hobbyists and enthusiasts, all of these features are often included in one package, making the software feel more integrated when it comes to editing. VideoProc Vlogger provides you with the best of advanced video editing features packaged into one powerful and simple-to-use application.

1. Visualized Speed Ramping- Control speed like a Pro:

VideoProc Vlogger users can enjoy the benefits of the easier and smoother speed, ramp with Bezier Curve to manually control the rate of speed change. Users can create unique and seamless transitions while editing their videos, be it accelerating the clip or playing it in slow motion. Just drag the shape of the Bezier Curve or select from a range of Bezier Curve presets and make your own masterpiece.

2. Automatic Keyframe and Bezier interpolation:

The easiest way to edit videos is to learn its features and VideoProc offers you with the best ones. Video editors can add keyframes and drag the rubber band and their desired effects will happen automatically and naturally.

3. Perfect for videos shot by action cams, drones, etc.:

Having an action cam or shooting beautiful clips with drones can be pretty exciting but editing them to do justice with what you saw with your eyes is the tricky part but not anymore because VideoProc Vlogger brings you with features using which you can create dynamic vlogs with stylish highlights. Editors can slow-mo their clips for sports videos and action videos, or accelerate through the clutter in travel vlogs and reels.

These are features that specifically cater to editors who like to play with speed effects in their videos to give their vlogs a more cinematic and dynamic feel. Other than this, VideoProc Vlogger is packed with exclusive features ranging from custom Luts and Filters, full-featured color grading tools, 10-band Audio EQ, three different audio analysis options, built-in audio filters, and motion tools that help you in creating that perfect video to share with the world.

 VideoProc Vlogger

Source: VideoProc Vlogger

How to use VideoProc Vlogger Speed Editor?

Nothing is difficult when you use VideoProc Vlogger to edit your videos. Learn how to use speed editor with the following step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Create a new project

Open VideoProc Vlogger > Create new project > Import videos to your Media Library > Drag videos onto the timeline tracks.

Step 2: Locate Speed Editor

Click on ‘Speed’ underneath the preview window to launch the Speed Editor window. Herein, editors can:

  • Apply a preset Speed ramp effect > customize the ramp effect.
  • Create a new Speed Ramp Effect > Click on ‘Custom’.
  • Scroll your mouse to get more speed change values (ranging from 1/32x to 32x).

Step 3: Manage Speed Markers:

VideoProc Vlogger adds a few speed markers on the working project by default, editors can add more marks or delete the existing ones.

  • Editors can add Speed Points > Move the playhead to the desired ending point of speed ramp > Click on Add Point.
  • Delete a Speed Point > Right-Click the target speed point and click on ‘Delete Point’.
  • Reposition a speed point > select target speed point > move the shown-up green marker left or right.

Step 4: Adjust the Speed

  • Drag the white dot of the speed point up or down to increase or decrease the playback speed.
  • Drag the left or right handle of the selected sped point to adjust the speed change ratio.

Step 5: use Speed Ramping

Click on ‘Play’ to preview the selected speed ramp > click on ‘Apply Speed’.

 VideoProc Vlogger

Source: VideoProc Vlogger

VideoProc Vlogger: Export Final Video

Once you are done with creating your masterpiece on VideoProc Vlogger, you can export your final edited video to popular formats and codec, depending upon your choice. Editors can export their videos to 4K, 8K, and HDR. If you wish to export a lower resolution video, you can also export to 1080p HD and 2K resolution with just a few simple clicks. VideoProc Vlogger also offers its editors to customize output audio settings for the best results.


If you are a video editing beginner, a videographer, a vlogger, or a hobbyist and you love editing videos, be it for YouTube or Instagram or your professional project, you will need a reliable, powerful, and easy to use video editor and VideoProc Vlogger is a perfect choice.

The software highlights fully accelerated 4K editing, support for 999+ tracks in the timeline, intuitive and precise timeline editing, the widest native format support, High Quality render engine, a real-time review feature, auto-save projects while editing, and much more.

From basic editing tools to advanced video and audio editing features, VideoProc Vlogger is the best video editing software for Windows and Mac in 2021.

So, what are you waiting for? Download VideoProc Vlogger today and create an epic sports video with its exclusive feature pack!



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