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Virtual Stimulation startup LabInApp acquired by Byju’s

Byju’s is an edtech company that is growing its user base quite rapidly. Being the world’s most valuable ed-tech company, it tries to provide solutions that many other companies aren’t thinking about. To do that, Byju’s recently acquired the Virtual Stimulation startup LabInApp.

LabInApp is a Hubli based startup that uses high tech solutions to build games for mobiles and PCs. It can also make virtual stimulations that can be helpful for students to learn things practically. And all this useful technology is packed inside a mobile application for easy access.

The reason behind the acquisition

The main thought behind the acquisition might be that Byjus wants to bring in practical experience for learning to its users. So, until schools reopen, the LabInApp can be quite valuable to Byjus and its users.

Virtual Stimulation startup LabInApp

Image Source: YourStory

Pavan Shinde, Co-founder and CEO of Virtual Stimulation startup LabInApp, said, “While schools have their set of challenges, students shouldn’t miss out on experiential learning. Keeping this in mind, we have created virtual learning and teaching environment representing science laboratories where teachers can teach practical concepts to students”.

LabInApp also said that it has partnered up with over 5000 schools to provide stimulations on various topics for classes 6 to 12. The company’s acquisition will not help the company but also students who are willing to learn online.

The growth scope for Byjus

Image Source: Byju’s

Byjus received a $500 million funding from the US private equity firm, Silver Lake, about a week ago. The company also raised adequate funds at the beginning of 2020. Now, the company is using the fund to expand its reach in and outside India. At present, the edtech company has over 4.2 million annual subscribers and 64 million signed up users.

Amit Patel, managing director of Owl Ventures, said, “At approximately $6 trillion, the education market is the second largest sector in the world and experiencing a significant surge in digital penetration. The meteoric growth of both WhiteHat Jr and Byju’s illustrates the rapidly growing and maturing ed-tech market in India and throughout the world.”

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