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#VocalForLocal: KillerLaunch is offering free hiring to support early-stage startups under Startup India

Takeaway: KillerLaunch, the leading Indian job & internship search platform is helping early-stage startups build their team by offering free premium job posting worth Rs 25000 each.

Apply Here: KillerLaunch Startup India Initiative

KillerLaunch, the leading job and internship search platform of India, has taken a step towards promoting PM Narendra Modi’s #VocalForLocal movement and is currently helping each and every early-stage startup registered under Startup India a chance to build their dream team by offering free premium job and internship posting worth Rs 25k.

KillerLaunch is a staunch supporter of PM Modi’s #VocalForLocal movement and believes that as Indians, we must help Indian companies grow and nurture in our ecosystem. Therefore, as its support, the platform will be offering free premium hiring tools to all the early-stage startups who wish to build their team online.

A helping hand towards 100k early-stage startups

There are over 100,000 early-stage startups registered under Startup India that are currently facing troubles in the running smoothly due to the COVID-19 crisis. The emerging recruitment platform understands the struggle behind building a startup and aims to help many such early-stage startups take their first step towards success.

Eligibility criteria to be avail free premium hiring tools from KillerLaunch:

  • You are an early-stage startup
  • You’re registered under Startup India
  • You have ten or fewer members in your team

There are two most essential elements of a startup. First, is the idea behind the startup and second, is the team that works backstage to make that idea a reality. KillerLaunch helps startups build their team using its free job and internship postings, allowing them to focus solely on their potential employee’s talents, without being bothered by the cost born to hire the talent. 

KillerLaunch’s support for #VocalForLocal

The Indian government recently banned over 59 Chinese apps in response to the Galwan Valley clash between the Indian and Chineses troops, costing the lives of over 20 Indian soldiers. This brought a wave of promoting and supporting Indian businesses to help India become a self-reliant nation.

Under the #VocalForLocal movement, we as Indians must support the local businesses in our region and ditch the international giants for Indian companies that work as their alternates. By doing this, we would be taking a leap towards making India self-reliant.

KillerLaunch is a 100% Indian company that is working towards making its platform a startup-friendly space. In addition to providing excellent job and internship opportunities to its users hailing from different educational and professional backgrounds, the platform is also ensuring that it provides the recruiters with a similar experience. 

All the Indian early-stage startups can register on the KillerLaunch platform and avail up to Rs 25k worth premium hiring tools and post about job and internship openings in their company freely. Doing so completes the triangle of Indian companies hiring on Indian talent on an Indian job and internship search platform. 

Standing up for Indian Companies

Currently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a major chunk of the Indian population has lost their jobs, and the business segment has seen declining revenues and rising losses. We as Indians need to raise our voice for Indian businesses so that we can put our money into businesses that would give back to our economy.

It’s time for you to join KillerLaunch and build your early-stage startup by availing free premium job and internship postings. The platform has taken a pledge to help build early-stage startups that are registered under Startup India to build their dream team on the job and internship search platform, completely free of cost.

In addition to providing exclusive free job postings to early-stage startups, the platform also offers a smooth and user-friendly interface, allowing its users to easily and efficiently access its hiring services. The all-in-one recruitment platform allows you, as a recruiter, to use its interactive tools like the dashboard and in-built messenger to create an exclusive space dedicated just for recruitments.

Apply Here: KillerLaunch Startup India Initiative



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