Thomas Schmall, Group Board Member for Technology (left), and Patrick Lammers, E.ON Board Member for Customer Solutions at the E.ON Drive Booster.

Volkswagen & E.ON to make charger charging two EVs simultaneously

Volkswagen collaborated with a German electric utility company E.ON. Together the companies are going to develop a charger that can charge two EVs simultaneously with a battery storage system in the charger. The charging will take place with 150kW for EVs.

Innovations in e-mobility
Image credits- Volkswagen AG

To be the first-ever E.ON “drive booster” the charging points are already live in Essen, Germany. This dual-capability fast charger can give charging up to 200KM in just 15 minutes. Also, the charging points are capable of storing energy in their own integrated battery storage system. It makes charging affordable and easier for operations and efficiency.

As European goals towards zero carbon emissions goals are drastically being implemented, Europe stands first by being EV king in a global scenario. More charging stations are being set up, and these options are getting cheaper as many companies are working towards development of technology. Customer Solutions executive at E.ON Patrick Lammers said that the company is focusing to eliminate the idea that EV chargers are not readily available. There is a widespread idea among some Germans that charging points are not yet installed. To reduce the preference for gas-powered vehicles, having charging points increases customer assurance.

Expansion of e-mobility

Lammers said, “The expansion of e-mobility is an important building block of the energy transition. In order to make electric vehicles more attractive, we need charging stations to be abundant and powerful. After all, around one-third of Germans choose not to buy electric vehicles because they believe there are not enough charging stations. I am proud that with the E.ON Drive Booster, we have an immediate and attractive offer for businesses and municipalities wanting to set up charging stations without spending a fortune.”

Another best thing about E.ON chargers is that customers can now order the new fast-charging column without the requirement of civil engineering. As the company’s charging points have the ability to have a standard power connection there is no need for a traditional construction process. Customers can order and avail of the services through the charging ports.  It could be a restaurant or a local community, installation is simple and accessible for EV owners.

VW’s press release says the following in reference to why ease installation is important, A normal charging column can also be upgraded very easily to the Booster. It is therefore ideal for branching into new locations rapidly and cost-effectively. Installation is easy: Place it, plug it in, configure it online – a “plug-and-play” charging station. There is no need for costly adaptations to infrastructure or civil engineering work. All this makes fast charging easy, affordable, and possible anywhere.”