Volvo Trucks Introduces the Volvo VNR Electric Model in the U.S., Canada

Volvo Trucks announces next generation all-electric trucks for the US market

Volvo trucks announce next-generation all-electric truck Class 8 VNR truck, for North American market. It has an updated battery range, size, and charging speeds. There will be two configurations for customers to choose from, these are in addition to the existing configurations.

Volvo Trucks Introduces the Volvo VNR Electric Model in the U.S., Canada
Image credits- Volvo Group

Volvo Trucks is a subsidiary of Volvo Group which is a multinational corporation. Volvo Trucks manufactured a tremendous amount of trucks so far, which are the world’s heavy-duty trucks. There are various truck makers focused on autonomous heavy-duty trucks. Previously Volvo Trucks also teamed up with DHL and autonomous tech companies like Aurora to work on autonomous trucks. Now it looks like the truck makers are focused on expanding their presence in the US.

Started their selling in Europe by 2019, now they plan to launch into the North American market by introducing VNR Class 8 trucks. This process began in California in early 2020 with a heavy-duty EV program centered around the VNR Electric truck. With a 264 kWh battery and the ability to charge to 80% in under 70 minutes using a sufficient DCFC, the VNR electric trucks are known to be flagship models. Later in 2021 the company also provided an operating range of 150 miles as the truck configurations change. The original configurations were – “a single-axle box truck with 33,200 lbs. GVW and two tractor configurations consisting of a 4×2 option with 66,000 lbs. and a 6×2 version with 82,000 lbs. GCW.”

Two additional variants

Now with Class 8 VNR, there will be two additional variants in the US market. It can deliver up to 275 miles range. And there is a 40% increase in storage capacity. Furthermore, the Swedish automaker has added a dedicated Battery Thermal Management System (BTMS) to manage and maintain ideal temperatures to ensure the best performance.

With these new variants, the company is also offering six battery variants. Adds that a combination of three can give increased storage up to 565 kWh. This gives the new variant an additional 300 kWh. Peter Voorhoeve, president, Volvo Trucks North America, spoke to the company’s latest electric offering, “It is a testament to Volvo Trucks’ leadership that in a continuously evolving industry we are bringing the enhanced version of our VNR Electric to the market a year after sales of the VNR Electric first started. Volvo Trucks is at the forefront in the industry, always innovating and improving while upholding the highest standards in design, construction, and safety. Our team is proud of its role, together with dealers and customers, in accelerating the shift to electromobility and a more sustainable future.”