Vonage to Pay $100 Million For Making it Extremely Difficult to Cancel Internet Phone Services

According to recent reports, Vonage has agreed to give $100 million to its customers for the predicaments caused by their internet services. Read the entire article to learn more about this news piece.

About the $100 million

Recent reports suggest that Ericsson Subsidiary provides VoIP to people and businesses and it automatically charges them for the services.  Vonage is now required to make its cancellation process easy and convenient for its customers so that they do not face any such issues in the future. The company illegally charged them with money and made it very difficult to cancel their services. The company also charged the customers with junk fees whenever they tried to cancel their services. Due to such practices, the company’s customers faced a lot of trouble. Even after consulting the agent of the company, they witnessed their money being withdrawn for services they rarely used.

“Today the FTC delivers on our commitment to protect consumers from illegal dark pattern tactics by companies that prevent consumers from canceling their services,” said Samuel Levine, director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, in a prepared statement. “This record-breaking settlement should remind companies that they must make cancellation easy or face serious legal consequences.”

Vonage, since at least 2015, “failed to provide a simple method for customers to cancel their telephone services,” the American consumer watchdog agency claimed.

About Vonage

For people who do not know much about Vonage, this article will give you all the information that you must know regarding the company. So, the company is basically a cloud communications platform. It brought VoIP to families and companies. They want to give their customers the best technology. The company has no interest in giving its customers technology that is fancy, but it is rather interested in giving them technology that they find amazing and that is also useful for them.

People can choose from the wide range of APIs provided by the company to design their own apps. They can also choose whichever apps they want and can customize them according to their own needs using the features and options provided by the platform. The company gives a lot of importance to its customers. Therefore, it understands that in order to cater to the needs of its customers, it needs to have the best staff which is why the company believes in diversity and inclusivity. Both these practices are a part of the interview process.