Walmart self-checkout

Walmart customer shares self-checkout hack in viral PSA

A TikTok user is changing the lives of people tired of change. Ambiguous much? We are talking about actual change and the whole hassle of converting it. Piles of leftover change would mean a journey to the Coin Star machine which comes with additional payment. However, a smart customer has figured out something that will definitely change the story of change. The alternative method is all the more appealing because, unlike Coin Star, it doesn’t involve any extra payment. Read along to know more.

Walmart self-checkout

‘Change’ Is Important

It is indeed true that ‘adversity is the mother of all inventions.’ If not for the hassle of converting piles of leftover change, TikTok user @harrykleven555 wouldn’t have managed to find an alternative method that doesn’t require him to make a trip to the Coin Star machine. Although we are not talking about any groundbreaking inventions, small things matter too. The long line of people who commented on the useful video posted by the user will also agree with this. The video garnered over 111,000 views as of Friday. In the clip, you can see @harrykleven555 piling all his change into a Walmart self-service machine so that he could pay for the shopping. The screen shows that he poured in and counted change worth $50.06.

He says in the clip, “I am here at Walmart. I am taking this change and putting it in here, and watching the money drop. I started off at $76.” The user also mentions the looks of disapproval from the service worker who wasn’t exactly pleased by his innovation. Whether the service worker approves or not, doesn’t matter because users on TikTok are overjoyed as they have now found a solution to an exasperating problem.

“I am definitely going to do that. I usually use the Coin Star machine in customer service, but they charge for it, ” a user commented.

“Well, since we are our own cashiers, who is it bothering? Duh. I am cleaning out ALL my change,” commented another.

A couple of others commented that although it is a useful hack, it wouldn’t work in all Walmart locations due to the absence of change ports at local self-checkout desks.”