Ways to Use Random Chat for Dating


There are many reasons why people increasingly date online. Among some of them are a lack of free time and objective factors. For example, such as the outbreak of coronavirus at the beginning of 2020, due to which tete-a-tete meetings became problematic. Fortunately, today nothing prevents you from communicating online conveniently and safely.

The services of video communication and web conferencing were the real salvation for many people. Among them are Zoom, Skype, Discord and some of their analogues that deserve special attention. With their help, you can communicate face-to-face or arrange group chats to discuss business issues or have a group conversation.

There is only one nuance – Zoom and similar platforms are suitable for communicating with people whom you already know. What about those who are looking for new acquaintances? After all, you can’t just enter a random nickname in the search and call a stranger. That would be at least strange. Fortunately, there is an alternative. And these are random video chats. We offer you a more detailed look at what these services are, how they help to make new acquaintances and which ones should be paid attention to.

Chat roulette with strangers as an online dating platform

What is a random chat? This is a special website that randomly connects you to another user and allows you to chat. Usually, the conversation takes place in video format (although there are text chats with strangers), or you can choose a format that suits you.

The first random chats appeared in 2009 and quickly became super popular. After just a year, their number increased tens and hundreds of times. This is not surprising that the new format aroused the great interest of the audience. The opportunity to meet and chat with strangers has become something completely new for the Internet users.

Over the 10 years of the existence of chat roulettes, many resources have appeared. Some of them do not lose their popularity to this day. While others have not grown a large audience. And if you want to use video chat as a platform for online dating, we can recommend some good websites.

  1. Omegle. This is the most popular chat roulette in the world. No wonder, it was the first one. Omegle has been working for over ten years with more than 20 thousand online users at any time of the day. Have no doubts, this is more than enough to find interesting acquaintances. On the website you can choose the language of communication. But it’s not possible to indicate the region of search or the gender of the interlocutor. And this is the main disadvantage of the website.
  2. CooMeet Russian. If flexible search settings and the ability to communicate only with the representatives of the opposite sex are important to you, this video chat with strangers is a great option for you. The only peculiarity is that the service is paid. But its convenient functionality, the flexibility of settings and a really large audience are worth it. In addition, a free trial period is available to any user. You can try all the possibilities of CooMeet Russian chat, and then decide whether you are ready to pay for them or not.
  3. ChatRoulette. This is a very controversial member of our list. Due to the lack of adequate moderation, this random chat at one time lost most of its audience. But right now, developers are actively working to improve the service and have achieved good results. Previous and frank madness is gone. Therefore, this platform is definitely worthy of your attention. We recommend that you at least try. It is up to you whether to use ChatRoulette in the future or not.
  4. Shagle. If you want to communicate comfortably and not encounter inappropriate users, this is your choice. Shagle developers pay special attention to moderation. In addition, the website is very popular in dozens of countries, which significantly expands the horizons of dating. For those who are looking for new friends or even a soulmate, the option is great.
  5. ChatRandom. We can advise this website to those who want to take their communication offline in the future. Here you can select the filter of interlocutors by gender and country of residence. It gives more perspectives for meeting in real life. After all, it is much easier to meet a person from your country than with someone who lives abroad or on a different continent.

Ways not to lose a random chat buddy and arrange more online dates with them

A serious drawback of most random video chats is that it’s easy to lose a person and it’s almost impossible to find them again. The connection may be interrupted due to a poor Internet connection or for other reasons. And the chances that the system will reconnect you with the same user are very small. Especially on popular resources. 

So, what shall you do? Exchange contacts. But it is not so simple. If you are in a hurry and impose communication outside of the video chat, this can only push a person away. Therefore, do not ask for a contact in the messenger or a link to a social network within minutes of your communication. Talk for a while, find common topics for conversation, interest the person you are talking to. And then he/she will gladly agree to communicate outside the video chat. And it’s up to you to decide which service to use for further communication.

Fortunately, there are just a ton of options. For example, a couple of years ago, Skype learned to translate a conversation into a selected language. For many people this was a real discovery. Its analogue, Zoom, is ideal for communication of the whole company, providing high-quality sound and video. Although, at the beginning of 2020 a leak occurred in the service, due to which the data of many users entered the Network. But, according to the developers, the problem is completely resolved, and using Zoom is completely safe. In addition, you have all kinds of instant messengers, social networks and other platforms for convenient communication both from a personal computer and from a smartphone.