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Wealthy.in secured $1.3 Mn from Good Capital

In a funding round led by the early-stage venture capital firm, Good Capital, Wealthy has secured USD 1.3 million. Financial technology venture capital firm, Emphasis Ventures, also participated in the round. Wealthy previous investors include the V1 capital, Tracxn, Globevestor, and Venture Highway.

The company, which is founded by the Aditya Agarwal and Prashant Gupta in the year 2016, Wealthy, is a fast-growing Financial Technology platform that enables the professionals and some other individuals to become Wealth Managers by offering them with the digital financial products and training to succeed as an independent entrepreneurs.

This funding round will be going to be utilized to scale up its partner base and to continue further development of the platform to offer more financial products.

“Our focus is to build a strong base of partners that we call Wealth Managers. Over the last three years, we have realized that though there is a growing demand for online financial solutions that are convenient and paperless, there is an underlying trust issue that deters most end customers from building meaningful relationships. Our partners are helping solve this trust deficit by bringing a rules-based advisory experience to customers in their trust network,” says Aditya Agarwal, co-founder of Wealthy.

Prashant Gupta, Co-Founder of Wealthy, adds, “Our latest Fund-Raise will help us fast track the process of onboarding banking professionals who are looking for an independent career. Typically, their jobs today with any large bank or financial institution, is a one-sided relationship. The maximum benefit of this relationship accrues to the institution leaving both the banker and their clients short-changed. Wealthy’s bank-like financial services platform, software-led advisory, and, a cloud-based operation empowers these partners to build the career they always dreamt off and achieve a substantial increase in their income.”



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