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Do You Know What Type of Web Hosting Service Suits You Best ?

(Image Credits : squatec.com)
(Image Credits : squatec.com)

There are a number of options while signing up for web hosting services. You have to do your research carefully to ensure that your selected host is proven to deliver and service provider has its own data centre. You can avail Linux-based hosting like Linux VPS Hosting or windows-based, depending on your budget and requirement.

There are different types of web hosting services that you can choose to host your website. So, if you are employing web hosting services, it is important for you to understand the kind of service your website needs. Your budget, business needs and kind of services that the web host offers govern the kind of server your business requires. For instance, Cheap VPS Hosting is a low-cost web hosting service.

Free Hosting

It’s one of the most popular and ideal choice for many business types. Here, you have to pay nothing for hosting a website. However, this kind of web hosting comes with ample of conditions. These are a wise choice if you wish to host a non-critical website for fun. There are certain restrictions that apply to this kind of hosting and thus you need to read the terms of services. This sort of web hosting also come with demerits like slow connection speed and automatic addition of advertising banners.

Shared Hosting

This is another common web hosting type and comes at affordable rates. This sort of web hosting includes sharing software application and physical server with others, thereby sharing the cost. This brings down the price of this web hosting. This kind of web hosting is ideal for small businesses as the owners can migrate to other plans with the growth of the business.

Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS hosting)

This kind of cheap VPS Hosting is an advanced version of shared hosting. It would give you access to your private server that is virtualised and hence is the name. Here, the serve is divided into a number of decisions and you get a part of it. Hence, you are given greater access to the server. Linux VPS Hosting or windows VPS hosting is usually ideal for medium-size companies that have large database and high traffic targets. Nowadays, you can get scalable VPS hosting which lets you begin your web hosting with fewer resources at lower prices. Gradually, you can scale it up with the expansion of your site.

Collocated Hosting

In this type of hosting, you have to buy your own server. This is a great option if a business wishes to offer cloud based services of its own. This kind of web hosting services can be expensive and needs to be installed at a web host’s facilities. Here, you are in complete control of the web server and can deploy any applications of you wish.

Dedicated Hosting

These are expensive, yet powerful web hosting service that offers best results in terms of responsiveness and speed. Consider this alternative if you wish to have complete access to the server environment. Dedicated Servers are ideal for large conglomerates with large database and high bandwidth

Hence, understanding the various kinds of web hosting services becomes imperative.



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