What is the online casino roulette?


Roulette game is one of those games which remained famous across centuries. Casino players find it very easy to learn as well as excited to play this game. Whether it is a land base or an online casino, roulette is the game which rules the chart. Word ‘roulette’ is derived from French language meaning ‘little wheel’. If a casino lacks this game then it is incomplete. This game was invented by Blaise Pascal who was a French mathematician. In this article we will deal with online casino roulette– its benefits and tips to play. 


When talking about this game, chances are the main factor in the form of the roulette wheel and betting grid. One can choose from different versions of the game such as European and American variants. Slot number 1-36 is present in the roulette wheel. American version of the roulette wheel has slots- 0-00. Playing this game is simple, you have to pick a number or the combination then place a wager. The dealer will rotate the wheel as well as notes the number on which the ball lands as wheel stops. If the number is one which you had selected then you are a winner. There are few bet limits set at the roulette table and players can place a bet within it. 

Online roulette is also getting popular day by day and the player is having fun. Some of the common roulette terms are- 

  • Even money


 It is a bet paying 1:1 

  • Backtrack- on the outer rim of a wheel ball is spun. 
  • Inside bet– on a roulette table the number area is that on which you place a bet. It comprises a set of number or just numbers. 
  • Outside bet– this is the opposite of an inside bet. It offers high odds and it provides high odds as well as is safe. Bets are placed on various combinations such as even/odd colors, etc. newbie is recommended to begin with outside bets as the chanced of losing is less as compared to that in inside bets. 
  • Straight up bet– on the chips or individual number a bet is placed. 

Tips for winning online casino roulette- 

To enhance the chances to win, a gamer must go for that casino which offers surrender and en prison feature as these help player to lose only half bet. When a 0 or 00 appear, half of the bet returns back to the player. This is referred to as even money bet.  

Secondly, go with the single zero when you have to select between single or double zero wheels. The reason we ask you to choose a single zero is because it has a house edge lower as compared to a double zero house. It is necessary to understand that this game is purely based on your luck and you need to earn enough skills and knowledge to win. First of all, learn all the rules, learn to play and terms related to this game. 

Benefits of online casino roulette- 


Convenience– casinos are not close to your area so finding and visiting a traditional casino will consume time. However, if you go for online casinos then you need not go anywhere you can sit at home, find a casino site and play roulette games. There is no restriction of age and anybody can play these games. 

Choose your stakes- you will never find a land-based casino which will offer your $1 roulette table. You will have to put at least $10 on every bet on the land-based casinos.  At online casinos Players can place a bet of $1 per spin also you can play for $0 per spin. Various roulette sites offer you free bet and so you can play at these tables without spending a single cent. 

It is much easier to beat the crowd- at traditional casinos, playing in-crowd can be difficult and sometimes you feel nervous. At online casino roulette, you will be the only one who will be playing at the table. Also, there won’t be any fight for the open seat as well as you need not wait for an open table. 

You can set a pace– at traditional casinos, the player has to wait for the dealer to spin the roulette wheel and also dealer has to wait for betters to get in the bets. However, in online casinos, you can call your shots. Place your bets as well as hit the spin.

Play anytime– 


Traditional casinos may have fix time and you can go within that time and play the games. This is not the case with an online casino. At 4 in the morning also you can open the site, log in and start playing. There is no time restriction so whenever you are bored you can play this game. 

Track your points- sit down at home and track your wagers through online casino site. Online roulette site keeps track of how much you have wagered and they reward you incentives for it. 

Along with all these benefits, winning real money is the best thing about the online casino. You can play and win to get real money. This money is transferred to your account and you can withdraw it anytime and do whatever you like with the money. You can place another bet using money or withdraw it and use it to buy things you want. 

So, we hope you understood about online casino roulette. If you wish to play this game today, and then visit the online site, read its privacy policy, check its license and then register. If you want you can trail of the game and then make a real money account. This will help you to play games for real money and you can earn a huge profit. You can also try out other games if you get bored with one game so it depends on you what you want to play. 

Hurry up, test your luck, play online casino roulette and earn benefits.