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What Makes Playing Fantasy Cricket More Exciting Than Just Watching Real-World Cricket

If you’re an Indian, it can very well be assumed that you love cricket and will love playing fantasy cricket as well. Cricket is like an unofficial religion in our country, and when you’re given a chance to gain something more than just entertainment by playing, you should most definitely take that chance. Fantasy cricket provides you with just that.

Fantasy sports give you an opportunity to enjoy a match by being a part of it. So you’re not just a spectator anymore, but you play the game by fielding in your own fantasy cricket team. Users’ favorite fantasy cricket app Howzat also allows you to win big cash by playing cricket. Let’s see 5 ways how a fantasy app makes a cricket game more exciting.

  1. Play the game and compete with others’ fantasy teams

When you’re watching a match, you support just one team unconditionally. Even if you don’t like some players in that team, you want them to shine. And you want all the opposition to be decimated, regardless of your liking for. Don’t you sometimes wish that the players would be allowed to exchange teams so that the players you like can all be on the same team? A fantasy cricket game does just that. It allows you to make your perfect cricket team and enjoy every moment of the game. You can now cheer for even the opposition players’ success. You get more involved in the game as you get to test your skills with every ball being played.

  1. Challenge your friends to fantasy cricket games

Anyone can pretend to be the master predictor after the game is finished, but now you can test your skills against your friends by playing with them. Create your own fantasy cricket team and compete with your friends’ teams. The ranking at the end of the game is a clear indicator of your skills and your prowess. The higher you score, the better you are.

  1. Make money while playing cricket

While enjoying your cricket match, you can even make money now. If this isn’t exciting, then we don’t know what is! You just need to use your skills and outdo other participants to win big real money. Fantasy sports allow you to play according to your wishes. You can also practice playing without any investing any money to test your skills and see where you stand. To hone your skills, you can also take a look at fantasy cricket tips and tricks and research more about the game before creating your team.

After selecting your own team, you don’t have to do anything. Just sit back, relax, and watch the game to enjoy the thrill. The app will provide you with updates on your play and the results after the match is over. There is no extra work, but it does make the match more exciting!

  1. Earn referral bonuses

You can earn easy bonuses by referring your friends to the game. These bonuses are given to both the referrer and the referred, thereby doubling the benefits of referrals. By referring your friends to the game, not only are you both getting more money to play with, but you also get a chance to challenge your friend and test your skills against them.

  1. Test your skills against players worldwide

Fantasy cricket gives you an opportunity to help you realize and utilize your expertise in cricket. Since you play with players from different countries, your competency can be appreciated by one and all, and you can also win real cash by using your cricket skills.

Fantasy sports are perfectly legal and the money won in them is completely lawful as well. Fantasy games are recognized as skill games and are not regarded as betting. Skill games are games in which the result is based mainly on a player’s skills and prowess in that game.

Download India’s most trusted Howzat fantasy cricket app now to start making money by using your cricket skills and knowledge. It’s very easy to use, and with its efficient user interface, transparent ranking system and myriads of different matches, you’ll find yourself enjoying cricket much more. Registering is easy as you can do it through Facebook and Google+ or you can simply play as a guest. And if that wasn’t enough, you get Rs. 50 for every referral! So, what’re you still waiting for? Go get the app right now and start playing your favorite game! Happy gaming!



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