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Qure.ai Launches AI Solution To Help Tackle COVID19

The medtech startup pioneering the use of AI technology in India, and globally, announced on Monday, the release of its latest offering. The company unveiled qScout, an AI powered virtual care platform aimed to assist governments, hospitals and clinics.

The app aims to facilitate medical professionals in their fight against the global pandemic, while easing the burden on existing infrastructure. qScout will help identify individuals at high risk, assist with contact tracing, including tracking asymptomatic contacts of already diagnosed patients, and facilitate triage to further ease the burden on healthcare facilities.

The app is also capable of reading chest x-rays to detect finding indicative of the virus and using geo-mapping to make population-risk quantifications. qScout also uses real-time data to facilitate the distribution of critical resources, including testing kits

Qure.ai’s offering could prove to be a welcome tool for those healthcare professionals on the frontlines, working with limited resources.



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