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What should I look for when I buy a laptop?

There is no ideal laptop that you can buy, it entirely depends on the user’s needs and requirements. Nevertheless, laptops have become an essential part of our lives and it has become a must-have commodity to start working in the corporate world. Here is a list of criteria that you should consider before spending on your new gadget.

Planning based on the budget

Make sure you plan your laptop purchase based on your budget. There are plenty of laptops available that will suit your budget. If you want to save on your laptop and not provide the entire money upfront, you can always take up a laptop EMI, which is an Instant personal loan that you can avail of to pay your money over a certain period.


As far as laptops are concerned size plays a very big role. Depending on why you will using your laptop, the laptop size matters. Laptops can go from 11 to 17 inches. If portability is one of the factors you consider to be important, then you will want to go for a smaller sized laptop. But if the kind of work requires that you get a larger display or graphics power, you will probably need to look for a larger laptop.

Screen quality

Laptops these days come in the touch screen as well. These laptops tend to have glossier screens, and they probably not great for gamers, video editors as they cause reflections. It is important to consider the resolution, as you will require a good resolution if you want to line up your windows and keep all the tabs in view. You can also check out the color accuracy and the HDR if you are a photographer, or the refresh rate if you are a gamer.

Keyboard quality

You will want to look for a keyboard that has well-spaced keys and a little bit of space around the arrow keys. The keys should have a snappy response when you let them go and they should not get stuck. Small details like this could translate to a terrible user experience.


The more powerful the processor the faster the execution. When you say the processor is a 2GHz processor, it means that 2 billion instructions are executed per second. When you use complicated software, the laptop requires a process lot more than 2GHz. Intel processors are very common and users are mostly satisfied with the Intel core processor. High-end laptops have the Intel Core i7 processor.


More RAM allows for more applications to be run at the same time, and it allows more data to be accessed by the system at one point. An 8 GB RAM is a minimum for the kind of work that we do on the laptop today, but if you are into video editing and gaming you might want to consider 16 or 32 GB RAM.

Operating system

Laptops come in generally 3 operating systems – Windows, ChromeOS or MacOS. Choosing which one suits you best is a personal preference, but you should go with something that you are comfortable with and something that you are accustomed to using, so it important to try before you buy.

You must read and research thoroughly before investing in a gadget like this because chances are that you are going to own this laptop for a long time, and you would not want to make a serious mistake at the time of purchase. It is necessary to look at reviews and reach a conclusion accordingly.



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