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What to look for when betting NFL

Betting has taken complete control over the sports world and the NFL has been one of the leaders thus far in accepting it into their games. You see and hear talks about the point spread, point totals, and some player props throughout broadcasts but today we are going to dive into some things you should look for before deciding what game or games you will be wagering. 

Make sure to apply these helpful tips into your wagering and check out the Vegas NFL lines for this week. That way, you can make an informed and more accurate prediction of the outcomes of each game. 

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Understand Trends

Understanding the trends that surround sports will help you become a more informed and a more profitable bettor in this field. When you go to places such as BetUS to place your bet; be sure to do the following: Find some reliable websites and/or apps to inform you about what trends are happening. For example, the Green Bay Packers are currently 10-2 against the spread through their first 12 games this season so they are proving to be the best team at covering the spread.

Also diving into matchups is another important thing to do as sometimes players just perform better against one team compared to another. One statistic I found interesting was that Tom Brady is now one of three quarterbacks since the merger to have an undefeated record against an opponent in his career with a minimum of 10 starts (10-0 against the Atlanta Falcons) so that means betting on the Buccaneers to win against the Falcons. Figuring out trends and matchups are crucial to becoming a successful bettor. You have a world of information at your fingertips so making sure you use the information is critical. 

Who’s Available?

Now this could be a no-brainer but making sure you understand which players are active or inactive for the game is going to make a world of difference. How many people bet on the Baltimore Ravens a few weeks ago before knowing that Lamar Jackson was going to miss the game due to an illness. Especially in the age of COVID-19 where any person can be placed on the COVID IR at any time by being a close contact, making sure you have all the information of who is playing and who is missing the game will help you beat the public.

Coaching Philosophies

This is one of the biggest things to understand because not every coach is going to be the same. For example, as of this writing the Pittsburgh Steelers are last with a 30.77 conversion percentage on fourth down attempts while the Baltimore Ravens lead the league a 69.23 percent. That shows that Baltimore is going to be more aggressive in their philosophy to attempt plays on fourth down compared to Pittsburgh. 

Figuring out what each team is going to do in certain situations is going to help you understand how to bet them. If you are wagering during a live game, you see that Baltimore isn’t going to punt much because of their success. Special team units usually can decide spreads so if the coaching staff has solid special teams personnel, they are typically successful to bet on.


Sports betting, at places such as BetUS isn’t rocket science if you understand the basics and in the NFL, understanding that things usually have a formula to them will help you become successful and turn this into a little side hustle if you’d like. Just like anything, the more time that you devote to understanding the little tricks and ways to advance, the better bettor you will become and not have to deposit money into your account as often while being able to deposit more frequently.