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WRC 10

WRC 10 is the sixth licensed Rallye game developed by the French studio Kylotonn and one of the most widely marketed games on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the World Rally Championship. The official FIA Rally World Championship game switched from an exclusive PS2 game from Evolution Studios to Italy’s Milestone between 2010 and 2014 for four years before returning to the studio in 2015. In the face of tight deadlines, the WRC 10 proved to be its first game since WRC 5, with the following years bringing a series of changes and new content, none of which got to the point like the WRC 9 of the 2020s.

A total of 12 countries will be included in the jubilee mode of the Games, including countries such as Greece’s Acropolis Rally, with New Zealand, Argentina, and Germany the final additions to the 2021 schedule. The game will be released on 2nd September 2021. it will be the new WRC game for most of the championships in its 50th year. Therefore, the focus will be on historical content, with new countries and cars being added to the rally history.

The WRC 10 is not only the youngest in the long-standing rally racing series, but also aims to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the series with several innovations. Before diving into the specifics of the game, I’ll give you a basic summary before we dive into 4 new rallies, 22 legendary bonus cars, 50+ official 2021 teams, custom crew management, WRC history mode, a paint editor, new driver maps, and various physical and technical improvements. The gameplay video below was filmed with the WRC 1.0 Steam Festival preview demo, which is not the full game.

There are also four new rallies in Spain, Belgium, and Estonia, as well as a number of historic rallies including the Acropolis and San Remo in Germany and Argentina respectively. In WRC’s 50th Anniversary Mode, you’ll play through some of the most historic moments in WRC history in a series of 20 challenges. More rally cars will capture the atmosphere of rally history, with spectators crowding along roadsides and historic stages from notorious parts of WRC history. The game will also have a retrospective mode that offers players the chance to see the 19 events that shaped the history of the championship. There will also be challenging special stages to test the skills of the riders in conditions specific to each era.


Publisher Nacon and French developer Racing Add refine World Rally Racing (WRC) into simulation areas in this new issue. A new shakedown stage is a short, two-minute rally stage that helps players test and adjusts their vehicle setups without running the full length of the stage, so players can look forward to shorter challenges. Training modes, local challenges, and testing areas are returning, helping players hone their skills, and there is also a new Coach mode, which I hope to learn more about shortly before the launch. The game contains a single mode in the game, but it contains a good selection of what to expect from the full PC game when it releases later in the year. KT Racing has implemented several changes in the hope of improving the overall racing experience.

As the FIA World Rally Championship celebrates half a century of action, it is time for KT Racing and Nacon to launch the boat as an official video game for the industry’s most intense motorsports. This is exactly what is being prepared with the coming release of WRC 10 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5, and PC, as well as its history in sports.

WRC 10The WRC deserves to be celebrated for what it has achieved in recent years, so let’s hope the whole game delivers results. As rewarding as the tracks are and as satisfying as it is to see your rally car make a perfect hairpin turn or a long slide around a corner or perch on a raised slope, WRC 10 feels like it needs a bit more pressure to prove that we haven’t found a series of incremental advances that have landed on some sort of plateau. I am confident that a far better RPG-like team management and career mode will emerge to separate it from the rudimentary content side. I’d lie if I said it would not reverse the upward trend, but it certainly will.