vaccination for all



Social media

Instagram has been responsible for making several of its users popular, but never did anyone thinks that it would do the same for several covid vaccine brands. Vaccine brands like Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson&Johnson, and AstraZeneca have turned into household names with several videos and posts involving them, going viral on Instagram, Twitter, and other social platforms.


The pharma companies have tasted the sweet pleasures of social media and have used this as an opportunity to spread awareness and information about their product. This move can be called a highly intelligent one with almost 40% of the people being unwilling to take the covid vaccine. Several rumors of side effects and other issues related to the vaccine have instilled a sense of fear in a huge number of the population and social media has been helping shed light on them. Social media has been boosting the image and credibility of vaccines and pharma companies.


It was recently seen that several doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers have been posting education-oriented videos about the vaccines on Instagram and have been receiving a huge number of followers, which in turn has been making the younger generation of the world more aware of the vaccines. Posts involving people getting vaccinated have been on the rise in the past few months and have resulted in establishing the act of getting vaccinated as something “cool”. The very act of getting vaccinated has been turning into a social trend prompting more youngsters to get vaccinated.


With people showing concern about the medicines, their side effects, the pharmaceutical company producing them, and their history, pharma companies have shown great interest in enlisting healthcare influencers on different social channels.       We are witnessing the impact that they have and this can be called a ‘turning point of our generation’ with people showing deeper concern for their health and no longer taking up prescriptions blindly.


Facebook was also noted to have made an effort to promote global vaccinations. They have launched a new tool in the US that shows its users where they can get vaccinated, along with links to make an appointment with their closest provider. This tool also highlights providers on a map and gives the required information to make a booking. Facebook has also updated Instagram by adding their covid-19 info center into it. They are also adding new stickers for Instagram stories and promoting the info center at the top of user feeds, helping the users make an effort to maximize vaccine awareness efforts.


Social media has been constantly evolving and covid-19 has brought forward another such evolution. Hopefully, this adds up to a more beautiful and healthier stage in life.