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Where To Find Sinistea Chips in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
A guide on Finding Sinistea Chips in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Obtaining Sinistea and Sinistea Chips in Pokémon Violet can be a bit of a process initially. Sinistea can be found in Paldea’s far southwest corner, near Alfornada, which is an area typically visited later in the game. However, if you’re eager to add Charcadet evolutions to your Paldean Pokédex earlier, you’re in luck.

Credits – AttackOfTheFanboy

Finding Sinistea in Scarlet and Violet

Sinistea has two primary habitats: around Alfornada and in a small part of East Province. In terms of wild Pokémon levels, the encounters in East Province are more manageable during the early game. However, if you wish to increase your chances of encountering Sinistea, head to Alfornada.

Regardless of the route you choose, it will take some time to reach your destination. In East Province, you’ll need to visit Levincia via the same route as if you were going to trade for Gengar, and then exit through the north path. Proceed into the wasteland towards the western ruins, following the Sinistea habitat map.

Reaching South Province Area Six requires a bit more time. Begin by traveling to West Province Area One, located south of where you face the Bombirdier Titan. Take the southern path until just before Alfornada Cave. Ordinarily, you would need Miraidon’s or Koraidon’s super jump to traverse the cave. However, if you jump off the western cliff, you can take an alternate route.

This path leads through a different section of Alfornada Cave. Follow the upward path, then turn left at the woman who inquires about the weather. Make sure to reach at least the Pokémon Center counter outside Alfornada and its Gym to register it as a flying location.

Sinistea is a small Pokemon and can be easily overlooked. It floats around the field between Alfornada and the coast at night, but you may need to keep the camera close to spot it.

Obtaining Sinistea Chips

Sinistea Chips are a Pokémon material, and like other materials, they can be acquired by catching or defeating the wild Pokémon that bear their name. In this case, you’ll need to defeat Sinistea to obtain Sinistea Chips.

Sinistea has low defense and is weak against Ghost and Dark types, making defeating them easier than catching them, particularly if you decide to do so earlier in the game. Bring a strong Maschiff or even Gengar along to quickly dispatch them.

The wild Pokémon around Alfornada are approximately level 40, while those in East Province range from level 20 to the low 30s. Keep this in mind when selecting your team.

What are Sinistea Chips used for?

You’ll need 10 Sinistea Chips to craft Malicious Armor in Zapapico City, located on the edge of the wasteland in East Province Area Three. Crafting Malicious Armor triggers Charcadet’s evolution into Ceruledge in Pokémon Violet.

Additionally, Sinistea Chips can be used to craft specific TMs, including Trick (TM109), Shadow Ball (TM104), and Phantom Force (TM151).

In conclusion, finding Sinistea and Sinistea Chips in Pokémon Violet requires some effort. Sinistea can be found in the southwest corner of Paldea, near Alfornada. To reach it earlier in the game, head to East Province or explore around Alfornada. However, the journey may be time-consuming. In East Province, travel through Levincia to the western ruins, while in South Province, take a route south of West Province Area One. Sinistea is small and easily missed, so pay close attention. To evolve Sinistea into Polteageist, refer to the Cracked Pot and Chipped Pot guide. Sinistea Chips can be obtained by catching or defeating Sinistea, which is weak against Ghost and Dark types. Use the chips to craft Malicious Armor and certain TMs.