Who Will Play Star Wars The Old Republic in 2022 and Why?

The Star Wars MMORPG game was released in December 2011 and is based on the Star Wars universe. Although nearly a decade old, the game is still worth playing.

Whether you play free-to-play or subscribe, whether you play solo or in a team, whether you are a fan of Star Wars or not, there is something for everyone in this game. This article will let you learn why gamers will play Star Wars The Old Republic in 2022.

Reasons to Play Star Wars The Old Republic in 2022

Following are the reasons to play Star Wars The Old Republic in 2022.

Free-to-Play Version Vs. Subscription

In an old MMO, players may feel completely lost and unable to fully enjoy the game after ten years of updates, patches, and expansions. Worse yet, they may not even know anyone in the game.

One of the best things about the “Free-to-Play” version of the game is that it has all the main storyline features. On the other hand, the drawback of “Free-to-Play” is that it does not offer the quality of life items. 

There are also fewer opportunities to gain experience. So, in summation, the “Free-to-Play” is more than enough for those interested only in the storyline and end game raids. 

Like me, I will switch to a paid subscription after playing the free version for a while since I am satisfied enough with it to leap. By subscribing to the game, you can level up to 75 and access all expansions, Tier Gear, and other premium items.

Unique Storyline

The unique storyline of Star Wars is the prime reason that gamers still love to play this game. This fictitious Star Wars story takes place shortly after the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic establish a tenuous peace.

The Jedi are held accountable for the Sith’s success after the 28-year Great Galactic War, so they must relocate to Tython, the Jedi Order’s original home, to informally seek guidance from the Force. 

The Sith control Korriban, where a Sith Academy has been reconstructed. A cinematic trailer for the game’s “Return” reveals that the Sith has regained Korriban. 

A Jedi named Satele Shan and her master, Kao Cen Darach, accompany Nico Okarr to the cell where he is being held in prison orbiting Korriban. 

An attack on the base suddenly comes from Darth Malgus, Vindican, and many Sith troops. Okarr, Satele, Jace Malcom, and a trooper named Malgus escape the attack, but Malgus kills Darach. Malgus kills Vindican after Darach wounds him.

Unique Gameplay

Other than the storyline, the gameplay of Star Wars The Old Republic makes it worth playing till now. Players can choose between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire during the game. 

The game emphasizes that one member may possess either a light or a dark ethical stance regardless of their faction. It focuses primarily on separating player factions according to their morality. 

Additionally, SWTOR Credits are available that you can use to purchase various in-game items. Even though people can get SWTOR Credits in many ways, it is still the simplest to buy SWTOR Credits.

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Further, during a game, advancing occurs partly through mission completion, partly through exploration, and partly by defeating enemies. Trainers can teach you new skills, which are unlocked by levels, in various locations throughout the game. 

In heroic missions, players have to work together to accomplish objectives, and these missions can be repeated throughout the day. In The Old Republic, there are several classes. 

Still, customization and companion characters allow a class to handle many different events, whether with or without the assistance of other classes. Storylines can be permanently opened or closed, and their decisions affect players’ NPC companions. Compared to previous MMORPGs, the game will provide greater context for characters’ missions. 

Like those found in the Mass Effect series, a voice dialog system is used to enhance gameplay for all characters in the game, including the player character.  Various NPCs are available to the player; however, spending more time with one will contribute more to story development.

Is Star Wars The Old Republic Worth Playing in 2022?

It’s worth your time to try out the game if you’ve never played it. The new expansion 7.0, originally planned for December for the 10th anniversary, will be released in February 2022. Moreover, the “Free-to-Play” option gives you a good first impression. 

As a solo game, the game is quite enjoyable. However, if you are expecting a lot of PVE and PVP challenges, it might disappoint you, but it’s free. So, you will surely enjoy the Star Wars The Old Republic game even in 2022 if you are playing it for the first time.