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Why a single plug-in can sometimes save websites.

Every website user of a content management system (CMS) should back up data at regular intervals. The simplest and best approach is to automatically save a backup. But why is it so important to have a backup tool or plugin and why can WordPress agencies be of great help here?

Due to technical defects or a hacker attack, data can quickly be lost or, in the worst case, even the website is no longer available. This is particularly annoying if you have invested a lot of time and money in the content and there is no other backup of the content. Even if WordPress is updated to the latest version, it is always pointed out that you should have a backup up your sleeve. That’s why backup plugins are a great help. In most cases, the hosters also make backups, but you should always have a backup yourself to avoid unfavourable overlaps with the backup from the hoster. We show you our favourite and explain the advantages and disadvantages of the individual plugins and why WordPress agencies are a reliable and secure partner here.

We start with the plugin from Germany “BackWPup”. The plugin is available in both free and paid versions. With the plugin, both manual and automated backups can be created. For small or medium-sized sites, the free version is usually sufficient. With this plugin, not only all areas of the website can be backed up, but also the database and the WordPress installation’s own files. The backups can be stored on a server, but also on all possible clouds. The paid version not only unlocks the personal premium support of the development team, but also the migration of the website to a new domain. When you save your data, personal data of your own visitors is also stored among the saved information. With the paid version, there is also an encryption feature, which saves the data securely and without loss. This means that your backup is stored completely encrypted and can only be decrypted again with a generated key.

In addition, the Pro version has a restore function with which your site can be restored with just one click in the event of a failure. 

The most popular plugin for backups is “UpdraftPlus”. Here, too, there is a free and a paid version. The free version is completely sufficient for many users. The backups created can be restored with just one click. UpdraftPlus is used by more than two million website operators despite its less clear interface. Automatic backups of the entire website and also the place of storage can be freely selected in this plugin as well.

With the paid version, migrations to other domains can be set up automatically, as in the above-mentioned plugin, and restoring data is also simple and secure. 

Especially for large websites with a lot of content, backups are of great importance. Since this is also a very sensitive matter, many rely on the knowledge and experience of a WordPress agency. With Chris Hortsch and his team, websites are backed up at regular intervals thanks to years of experience. Here, it is better to have one backup more than one too few. Because as secure as backup plugins are, in most cases agencies can react and act more quickly if there are problems on a website. Especially here, reliable backups are of great importance. As a WordPress Agentur, Chris Hortsch advises clients on backups and involves them in the topic. 

Conclusion: As a website owner, you should always consider and inform yourself which plugin is the right one for your website. There are countless plugins on the market, but only a few are really reliable. So if you are not sure which security plugin is the ideal one, you should look for a reliable agency to support you.



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