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Why online gaming is one of the fastest-growing industries in Canada

The coronavirus pandemic has not become disastrous for everyone. The gaming industry, despite the global crisis, is growing incredibly fast. Only over the last years, its estimated value has increased by 30% and in 2023 should exceed $ 200 billion. The same situation occurred in the field of online games.

Canadian users are some of the most active buyers and players of online platforms. The huge number of professional developers and an army of gamers make the country one of the leaders in the industry of online gaming.

Today we’ll talk about the reasons behind the explosive growth of this field in Canada. Let’s get started. 

1. Pandemic

Forced isolation provoked a spike in demand for interactive games. That is why the popularity of computer and mobile entertainment in Canada is at its peak. Moreover, access to game content has never been easier than it is today: you only need a smartphone, laptop, or console, as well as an Internet connection.

There is no doubt that the gaming market will continue to grow rapidly in 2021. The epidemic has not subsided yet, quarantine restrictions are preserved in many countries and the demand for games also remains at a high level. COVID-19 has expanded the online world, so each of the biggest publishers and developers will try to fill the niche that has been created with high-quality content for the player. 

2. Development of Mobile Gaming

For the last couple of years, gaming markets have seen significant changes. Mobile content advances on all fronts. In 2021, games for smartphones and tablets take a share of 52% of the market, amounting to nearly 79 billion dollars. Games for consoles (Xbox, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Switch) occupy nearly 28%, and the share of games for desktop PCs and laptops decreases to 20%.

The sphere of mobile entertainment has been growing for years, as the smartphone market also grows rapidly. Mobile technology is becoming more powerful, and apps on smartphones are getting closer to the level of PCs and consoles. The monetization of mobile gaming is also really profitable, this is why the development of such projects is so popular, and the budgets for its advertising are so huge.   

3. Popularity of Online Gambling

Today, the online gambling industry is experiencing one of the peaks of its development. It became quite easy to find a gaming platform and play cards or your favorite slots. The number of different casino bonus programs has also grown. Canadian players can easily find lists of casinos with 100 free spins no deposit offers and increase their chances of success. It is expected that the demand for online casinos will continue to grow, and this is natural considering the current situation in the world. Thus, online gambling will contribute even more to the development of Canada’s gaming industry.

4. Improvement of Payment Services

The growth of payment services was accompanied by the increasing popularity of mobile gaming because users have become more interested in paid mobile content. Now it is possible to make a purchase with just one tap on the smartphone screen.

There has also been a boom in cryptocurrencies in recent years. More and more platforms begin to accept payments in Bitcoin. Thus players are able to save their own anonymity during the game in online mode.

 5. Access To High-Speed Internet

Over the past few years, more and more Canadians have gained access to a high-speed internet connection. Modern communication stations have been installed even in remote mountainous areas. This has allowed millions of people to become confident online users.


It is not surprising that the online gaming industry is booming in Canada. And this is not the end of its development. Interest in online playing has grown significantly because many people are looking for ways to spend time at home and socialize without any risk. 

It has to be said that 5G will be the driver of online gaming in the future. This technology will make the Internet connection faster and more accessible. Thanks to 5G the number of Canadian users who prefer to play on their phones will increase significantly in a few years.

About the Author

Mila Roy is an expert in the gambling field. She works as a Content Strategist at Gamblizard. Mila also has in-depth experience in the creation of casino reviews. She is currently producing articles about the gambling industry, profitable casinos, and best deposit offers.



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