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Will Samsung S20 FE steal OnePlus 8t’s market share in India?

OnePlus is a brand that has progressed from being a flagship killer in 2014 to being a proper flagship in 2020. Though the brand’s main selling point was its price and good hardware in 2014. But fast forward to 2020, people are still inclined towards the brand because of its software feature and hardware. But, now, with the launch of Samsung S20 FE, there comes the doubt that can Samsung capture OnePlus’s market share?

Understanding the Indian Market

In India, OnePlus does extremely well and has also been the best-selling flagship brand multiple times. The main reason why the brand does so well in India is because of the pricing. Though Oneplus has consistently increased its prices over the years, but it is still far behind Apple and Samsung. And most importantly, India being a very price-sensitive market, has gotten more attention from OnePlus.

Image Source: TechRadar

With the launch of OnePlus 8, India’s price increase was significantly less than in other markets. And that’s why their smartphones are still selling well. If someone wants to buy an excellent Android device in India with top-notch specs and good software under 50k, then the only choice they have is OnePlus.

Samsung S20 FE might be a game-changer

Samsung is a reputed brand with a great brand value. But a good brand-value means a higher price, which is why it’s difficult for most Indians to afford Samsung’s flagship S and Note lineups. But with the launch of Samsung S20 FE, this might change.

Samsung S20 FE

Image Source: SamMobile

The phone comes with top-notch specifications like the 120Hz FHD AMOLED panel, 25-Watts fast charging, 4500 mAh battery, Flagship Exynos 990, IP-68 rating, wireless, reverse charging, and flagship-grade cameras, and most importantly, a great price tag.

Comparing it to the rumored specs of OnePlus 8t, its almost at par with the device and even has some significant upsides. These include the Ip rating, wireless charging, a better display, and brand value that’s OnePlus hasn’t built yet.

OnePlus8t vs Samsung S20 Fe

Image Source: 91Mobiles

Combining all these with the fact that they can market the product much better than OnePlus means there is a considerable possibility we have got an OnePlus 8t killer from Samsung. The only possible caveats that I can see that might push users to go for OnePlus are the glass back, Oxygen OS, and, most importantly, the Snapdragon processor.

Which smartphone do you think is a better package, Oneplus 8t or the Samsung S20 FE? For me, Exynos is the primary reason I won’t even consider going with Samsung. But for many, Samsung’s brand name is enough to get the device. Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments below. If you found our content informative, do like, and share it with your friends.




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