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OnePlus 8T is launching in the second week of October, launch date being 14th. As a bunch of rumours and speculations are floating around the market, a lot of details have surfaced. Some of them are true and well, we have to wait to confirm the rest.

Ahead of the launch, OnePlus has confirmed that the new OnePlus 8T will sport a 120hz refresh rate super-smooth display. It is confirmed that the device will be a very powerful smartphone and will deliver efficient performance to its users. The screen size, camera specifications are yet to be disclosed by the company, if not then we will all know about it at the lunch event.

credits: https://cutt.ly/SfNKggC

However, OnePlus has been generous to confirm the battery size and a new Warp 65 charging technology ahead of its official launch date. This was confirmed through a post online on OnePlus’ community forums.

The OnePlus8T will be equipped with a 4,500mAh battery when compared with the 4,300mAh on the OnePlus8 model which was released sometime in April and it featured Warp charging 30T technology. The new smartphone from the company is said to be expensive than the base model with a series of upgrades on specifications.


Warp Charging 65 is a new charging technology by the company which is not just an upgraded iteration from the last generation Warp Charge 30T, OnePlus posted on the forum.
A 4,500mAh battery will last a full day on an average and the battery is said to charge 0% to 100% in just a span of 39 minutes.
Running late for office, just plug your device in for 15 minutes and enjoy 59% battery on-the-go.

According to speculations, OnePlus 8T would come with a dual-battery system with 2,250mAh batteries instead of one single cell. This is a new technology and with this setup inside the phone, both batteries can charge at 30 Watt simultaneously, giving a boosted charge to the phone. This setup will also keep the phone cool when using the phone extensively for any heavy purpose, like playing graphic-intensive games.

credits: https://cutt.ly/KfNKjEq

The power adapter would be a dual-end USB Type-C adapter which would support up to 45-watt PD fast charging. The adapter can be used to charge any OnePlus device and not just the OnePlus8T.


Speculations suggest that there would be two variants of the OnePlus8T with different price points.

  1.  8GB RAM + 12GB Storage at Rs. 51,000
  2.  12GB RAM + 256GB Storage at Rs. 61,000

These are leaked prices and have not been made official by the company.

Furthermore, the phone is said to be available in two colour variants:

  • Lunar Silver
  • Aquamarine Green



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