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Windows 10 File Explorer icons to get a visual upgrade


Source: The Verge

Microsoft has been boring lately! Yes, you read that right. The Windows maker has been making no visual upgrades to its Operating System whatsoever unlike its cut-throat competitor, Apple Inc. with MacOS.

Microsoft says that it is not going to bring in a newer Windows Operating System every year but it will periodically bring in feature updates to its existing Windows setup. The latest Windows Operating System is the Windows 10 which has been holding up pretty well and has fairly stabilised itself with the Microsoft ecosystem (if that’s a thing!).

Recently, Microsoft has announced to give its Windows 10 File Explorer a visual upgrade with a set of newer icons and users are extremely excited for this one. The Windows maker is reportedly rolling out a test feature which will include newer visually aesthetic icons for its Windows File Explorer that includes Documents, Recycle Bin, Disk Hard Drives, Pictures, Videos etc.

According to The Verge, the software company has also announced to be releasing a new icon for its Recycle Bin which did not go that well in the past when Microsoft tried to change it. Windows users have been very particular about aesthetic changes, right from Windows 8. People were somehow fine when Windows XP was the go-to.

However, Amanda Langowski, Chief of Microsoft Windows Insider mentions in a statement that several great changes are on their way including the orientation of folder icons and the default file type icons of the Windows Explorer tab. She further added that top-level user file folders such as Desktop, Documents, Pictures and Downloads have a newer design that should make it easier for people to tell these icons apart from a glance.

Windows 10 has been one of the most loved and accepted Microsoft Operating System since the Windows XP and Microsoft has been working to bring a sense of stability into the minds of their users. The company did try to experiment with its Windows 8 and Window 8.1 which apparently did not go as planned.

Newer icons are part of a bigger picture that Microsoft has been planning for the Windows 10 feature update. The company unveiled its newer icons earlier this month and till now, the reactions have been pretty okay. Users have accepted the Window 10 look as it always has been, but a visual upgrade every once in a while, doesn’t hurt. Make your Windows 10 feel like brand new once again with this latest feature update.




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