Windows 11

Windows 11 leaks show significant resemblance to Windows 10X

Windows 11
Source: The Verge

Microsoft is one of the most innovative technology companies out there, the best of the best in the industry and also the Windows Operating System-maker. Windows OS is one of the most significant consumer products that Microsoft has built-in its lifetime and as we know, on June 24th, the company is launching its next iteration of Windows after Windows 10, called “Windows 11”.

However, according to recent reports, Windows 11 has leaked online and analysts have begun downloading the Operating System through a leaked ISO available online. The videos and images that have surfaced online suggest that Windows 11 is not so different from the scrapped Windows 10X after all.

As mentioned in a report by Engadget, this morning a Baidu user posted two screenshots of the Windows 11 start menu that showed a centralised Start menu with rounded-off corners. That glimpse of the latest Windows 11 User Interface is exactly what it used to be on Windows 10X. The icons on the desktop are placed at the bottom centre and a lot of people don’t like that.

Microsoft has held our hopes up this entire time and everyone was eagerly waiting for June 24th for Microsoft’s biggest launch event but I think we have the final product now. Anyhow, the overall Windows 11 User Interface definitely has some major tweaks than its predecessors but mostly, it gives the same vibes as the Windows 10 and in my opinion, there is a reason for that.

For users who have been using Windows Operating System for so long, switching to an entirely new User Interface is difficult. The OS is the default in every system used in schools, government offices, corporate offices and everywhere else. A major chunk of Microsoft Windows users is not tech-savvy young adults and teenagers who understand the system in and out. Thus, in order to maintain universality among its target audience, there is only so much that Microsoft could do with the latest generation Windows 11.

Also, now that we have a look at what Windows 11 looks like, it was a good idea for Microsoft to dump the Windows 10X OS altogether. Every Windows user is very much excited to install the next iteration of Windows which is finally getting an upgrade after 6 years.

However, it is no surprise that Microsoft totally dumped the idea of software updates and was only focusing on feature updates which is a real bummer. Apple’s macOS on the other hand is a very beautiful Operating System with the best User Interface in the industry and Windows has to completely redesign its structural UI to match the competition because Windows 10 looks fairly ugly in front of any macOS User Interface.