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Wondershare PDFelement: Convert PDF to Word and other file formats fast, accurate and effective

PDF format has been the standardized file format for documents since 2008 and we love using it. The format has clearly established itself across the globe and people find it really convenient to share files and documents in this format. One major reason for PDF format’s success over Word format is that it opens correctly on any browser. This means if you receive a PDF document over an email, it will just take one click to open your PDF in the browser itself, be it Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, or Apple’s Safari.

PDF documents have set a benchmark across the industry as an open-standard format for sending files and documents. In case you are not already aware, users can also sign PDF documents with their digital signatures for official purposes and PDF applications will create an audit for all the changes in the document, everything is just a few simple clicks away and totally accounted for.

However, PDF files are mostly view-only files, and making changes in them is a task unless you own a paid PDF application. Now, you will say that editing the file is easy when you convert a PDF to Word format, but it is not entirely true. Yes, you can easily convert PDFs to Word format but you will not be able to make any changes to the document. In order to do this, you will require a paid PDF editor that can perform advanced functions on your files and documents, and I know just the right application- Wondershare PDFelement.

Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement is one of the best PDF editor software in 2021 and it will make your life so easy by meeting all your PDF-related needs. PDF editors are a necessity if you work with files and documents, especially when they are confidential documents that need to be secured and protected at all costs- Wondershare PDFelement is the tool for you.

Not only can you do basic tasks like editing your PDFs, password protecting your PDF documents, and creating new PDFs, you can also convert your PDFs to Word and other popular file formats including PowerPoint, Excel, JPG, Text, etc. All of this in high-quality with just a few simple clicks using Wondershare PDFelement.

Let me tell you how PDFelement gives you the freedom to convert files from or to PDF format with minimum effort and high-quality results.

Wondershare PDFelement: Convert features

It doesn’t matter how big or small your PDF file is, Wondershare PDFelement can convert it into the desired format within seconds, a blip and a blink of an eye. PDFelement’s convert function packs some super-powerful features that distinguishes it from the rest of its competitors in the market.

1. Fast:

The new version of PDFelement can batch convert files in just a few seconds. For instance, if you are converting a 50MB PDF document into Word format, it will take just 0.001 seconds to complete your conversion. Can you imagine? It is not even a complete second, you can get your PDF files converted at super-high speeds, like literally a fraction of a second. PDFelement offers unmatched speed when it comes to conversions and if you are someone who is burdened with converting multiple heavy sized files into different formats every day then this PDF converter is a must have.

2. High Quality: 


More often than not, third-party PDF converters in the market compromise the quality of your original document post-conversion, something which is non-professional and deceiving, especially when you have paid for that service. PDFelement is a class apart, highly reputed PDF editor and the best in the market for this particular feature as it keeps your documents and images as-it-is after conversion, be it PDF to Word or PDF to PowerPoint, all your images and documents will be converted in high-quality. Wondershare PDFelement does not compromise in quality!

3. Supports popular formats:

PDFelement offers support for all popular file formats. It is a complete PDF convert solution, a one-stop-shop for PDF conversion. You can convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Image, Text and several other file formats with equal ease, high-speed and high-quality. PDFelement allows seamless conversion from PDF to any file format of your choice with just a few simple clicks. Even the most popular PDF editors in the market don’t offer support for as many formats as Wondershare PDFelement does, that too without compromising on quality and speed.

4. Reliable:

Reliability is a subjective feature but in my opinion that resonates with thousands of other Wondershare PDFelement users, this converter is one of the most reliable out there in the market. The user-interface is solid, you will never feel that your documents are slipping away. The PDF conversion process is seamless and simple. The overall user experience is legitimate, something that many PDF editors and PDF converters don’t have. Your confidential PDF files and documents are always protected and secured with Wondershare PDFelement.


Well, without a doubt, Wondershare PDFelement is the best PDF editor in 2021! The software is simple to use and packed with advanced PDF features. The tool allows users to create and fill forms within PDF files, import and export documents in any given format, and more than that, PDFelement allows users to convert their PDF files into multiple formats with just a few simple clicks.

Wondershare PDFelement allows users to combine PDFs, Optimize PDFs, OCR PDFs, Convert PDFs to different formats, Batch PDFs, and much more, everything packed into one powerful PDF editing software.

You may find many PDF editors and converters on the internet but remember, nothing comes for free. When you use free versions of these softwares, it still costs you your security and privacy. In these digital times where cyber-attacks are happening every single day, do you think uploading your confidential and important documents on third-party PDF editors and other software is safe? No, it isn’t!

Tools like PDFelement will offer you to securely convert and edit your PDFs. The PDF editor will save you time and is super convenient to perform different tasks on your PDF files. Wondershare PDFelement is one of the best PDF editors available in the market in 2021.

Download Now and convert your PDFs into secure file formats with minimum effort and high-quality output. 




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