Wondershare PixCut: Everyone’s One-click Background Remover

Wondershare PixCut- The best background remover for images in 2021

Wondershare PixCut: Everyone’s One-click Background Remover

It is 2021 and just a few months from now will come 2022, technology is advancing at lightspeed and there is no stopping on how far mankind can evolve technologically. In this era of social media, Artificial Intelligence, and advanced devices, advertisement has taken a huge leap in terms of marketing and branding of products. Everyday editing tools like cropping images and color grading have never been easier than now. Images have to be altered, enhanced, and presented in so many different ways that creators need high-performing tools to make that possible. 

In these digital times, image and video editing has become a hobby more than a profession, from a 10-year-old kid editing images for a project at school to a professional marketing agency, editing images has taken a form of storytelling. For instance, you have a picture of a boy jumping up in the air but the background is a little dull to market it as a happy, bright, and inspiring picture, what do you do? You will most probably edit the picture in such a way that it looks like a vibrant image portraying that the boy in the picture is very happy and jumping with joy. In order to do this, you might adjust your brightness, contrast, shadows, colors or if nothing works, you might change the entire background of the picture as well. 

Yes, you read that right, it is possible but with advanced editing software that usually comes at a good price. Guess what? Not anymore.

Wondershare PixCut: Best image editing software available in 2021

Wondershare PixCut
Source: Wondershare

Wondershare has recently launched its multi-purpose image editing tool- PixCut that is powerful enough to perform all kinds of editing that your image requires. Users can easily use this advanced editing software to create Instagram thumbnails, YouTube thumbnails, design posters, edit creative posts for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and other platforms. 

Wondershare’s image editing software is not only about simple editing tools, the software is powerful to handle advanced editing for marketing and professional purposes as well. One of the best and the most useful feature that will get your attention the most is the software’s capability to remove background images with just a few simple clicks. 

Wondershare PixCut is one of the best online image editors in 2021 that combines image editing with computational features that leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence. The software tool makes an editor’s process of editing images super easy. PixCut helps users with basic editing functions and advanced editing functions alike, making the workflow more productive and efficient than ever before. If you are an editor, you would understand the hassle of separating the subject of the image from its background. It has been possible for a long time now but no editing software makes it as easy as Wondershare Pixcut that combines image editing with AI functionality. 

Wondershare PixCut: Exclusive features

Wondershare PixCut packs a unique set of exclusive features that make editing fun, efficient, productive, and easy. However, some features make this editing software stand out from the crowd in 2021. 

  • Remove watermark from images:
Remove Watermark from images with PixCut

Watermarks are one thing that makes it very difficult for the images to be re-used for purposes other than what the creator has made it for. You must have come across images that have a digital signature or Watermark visible, this makes it very difficult to use that image in some other setting or for some other purpose. Wondershare PixCut will remove watermark from the image with just a few simple clicks and absolutely zero effort. Other than this, editors can also remove any scratches or defects from their image to make it look more professional. 

  • Bulk remove image background:
Remove Background with PixCut

If you are working on a project that requires you to remove backgrounds from a bunch of images, don’t sweat it. PixCut allows editors to bulk remove backgrounds from up to 30 images at once via Wondershare’s online service directly from the website, so you don’t have to download extra software to enjoy this feature. 

  • Enlarge Images without losing quality:
Enlarge images with PixCut

Wondershare PixCut enables the editor to enlarge an image up to 4 times the original size while maintaining high resolution. Isn’t that cool? Usually, when we zoom or enlarge an image, it loses pixels and quality but with this powerful editing tool from Wondershare, zoom as much as you like without worrying about the quality. 


Wondershare PixCut is available on all major platforms including Windows, macOS, and Android. So, wherever you go, whatever you use, you can edit your images on the go. In order to make the service more convenient for users, Wondershare offers its editing tool in both offline and online modes. 

Go to the Wondershare PixCut website to start removing backgrounds on your images for free. However, for more advanced and powerful editing functions, Wondershare also offers monthly and yearly plans along with customized plans that you can get via official email. 


Features are a big part of an editing tool and ease of use is a major contributor to the popularity of an editing software. Wondershare, in my opinion, is well aware of this fact and thus only offers the best of the best. PixCut is one of the best online editing software available in 2021, offering useful features like removing backgrounds from images, that too with just a few simple clicks. 

Wondershare PixCut
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Wondershare PixCut is available on all major platforms and the interface is easy to use as well. Other than this, users can also opt for a bundle of PixCut and Filmora X or PixCut and PixStudio at a much-discounted price for one year. 

I think PixCut will be a very good option for a hobbyist who wants to master their skills in photo editing, and even for professionals who want to make their creativity stand out.