One of the most popular games in 2022 Wordle is still ruling in Twitter since January. Wordle is a mobile phone game in which one has to guess a 5 letter word in just six attempts. In every 24 hours the word changes which means one word in a day. The game also lets you share your score on social media which is why Twitter is flooded by Wordle.

Recently Wordle has introduced Worldle. In worldle, the words are related to geographical location. Worldle tests your knowledge in geography as you are given the outline of a country, and have six chances to guess the correct location. Unlike the original Wordle, you’re not given hints in the form of correct letters, but rather geographical proximity to the target country.

In January, the game was bought by New York Times which was not much appreciated by the fans because they felt the game became more difficult after the Times take over. Now again people are stuck on level 29 of worldle as you can see below.


For sure the game is frustrating but at the same time very addictive. For some, Wordle has become a daily obsession. But once played, users must wait until the next day to guess a new word. The game is not a very new concept in the market but somehow it managed to get in demand.