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Workers damage iPhone manufacturing plant near Bengaluru

Workers damage iPhone manufacturing plant near Bengaluru- A worker’s outrage near Bengaluru went doomsday for an iPhone manufacturing plant near Bengaluru. 

The laborers of Taiwan settled Wistron Corporation, which produces iPhone close here went out of control on Saturday in the office over issues identified with ‘compensation’, police said.

A working turmoil at an iPhone manufacturing unit close to Bengaluru, Karnataka, turned brutal early Saturday morning. Apparently, a greater part of the almost 2,000 workers at the Taiwanese agreement maker Wistron’s processing plant in Narasapura went out of control over the installment of salary payment.

The Karnataka Police said that it has captured 80 workers regarding the occurrence.


The outburst happened at around 6:30 am while there was a change happening between the shifts.


How did the damage iPhone manufacturing plant near Bengalurunear Bengaluru

Recordings of the brutality that arose online indicated representatives vandalizing the workplace space, breaking window sheets, harming vehicles left on the reason, and yelling trademarks. Two vehicles were purportedly set burning.


While there are several posts indicating different views on the rampage. Some believe, the Workers damage iPhone manufacturing plant act was right since the company not paying its workers was against human rights.




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