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WWE Moonsault NFT marketplace launching first collection
WWE announced that their first NFT (non-fungible-tokens) marketplace, “Moonsault” is launching its first collection.


Credts: https://wrestletalk.com/

The first official NFT collection will be unveiled by WWE Moonsault just before the semi-annual premium live event WWE Hell in a Cell. Scott Zanghellini, who works as the Senior Vice President of Revenue Strategy & Development for WWE, made the announcement today that the marketplace will soon be opening its doors. The statement was made by Scott Greenberg, who also works as the Chief Executive Officer of the Web3 studio FOX Entertainment owns and operates called Blockchain Creative Labs. [Zanghellini, Scott] (BCL).

The limited-edition collection will consist of over 10,000 one-of-a-kinds “NFT Flips,” each of which will depict a different WWE Superstar involved with the Hell in a Cell event. Following the conclusion of Hell in a Cell, each NFT Flip will undergo a transformation that will let it play a video highlight package of ten to twenty seconds’ duration that focuses on a different featured Superstar. The order in which the three NFT Flips coins appear in each “Case” of NFT Flips will be selected at random at the time that the coins are manufactured, and the “Cases” will be made available for purchase on the “Moonsault” platform. You will be charged thirty bucks for each “Case” that you purchase. The blockchain technology that was built by Eluvio will act as the engine that propels “Moonsault.” This technology, which is helpful to the environment, was developed by Eluvio.

The WWE and BCL announced the debut of the official NFT marketplace for the WWE this past Friday, May 27, during the broadcast of SmackDown on FOX. The marketplace will be called “Moonsault.” In addition to the WWE Discord server, they spread the word about the premiere on the websites of both WWE and FOX media. After only a few hours, each of the free Moonsault Genesis NFTs was claimed by one of the first 10,000 supporters who registered for the site and established a wallet. This took place within the first 24 hours. This took happened in a little under twenty-four hours.

Even more exclusive variants of the product Cases of NFT Flips, along with other video highlights and digital collectibles focusing on WWE Superstars and famous moments from the company’s history, will be released on “Moonsault” throughout the year, timed to major WWE premium live events. These releases will be timed to coincide with major WWE premium live events. These releases are going to be accessible only via the use of mobile devices. It is anticipated that these reductions will take occur at a variety of points during the year.



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